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    Post-camino tattoo?

    OK, I have resisted commenting because I'm just a boring old fart. But I promise this will be the last. I set out in at the age of around 11 to get through life without too many regrets. The only real one I have is the multiple piercings of my ears in the 1970's - I very quickly got over the...
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    Sheets, Packs, and Shoes

    Dear John, The bug spray is called Bugproof Clothing Treatment from Nomad Medical, 3-4 Wellington Terrace, Turnpike Lane, London N8 0PX. No telephone or website listed on the pack, alas. I bought it in an independent pharmacy in Weymouth, but presumably the company would be able to give you...
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    Walking Poles - Pics

    I thought the damned things were an affectation, but after about 100 metres of looking like a complete idiot (couldn't synchronise the pole with the opposite leg), I was hooked. They allow you to charge up and down hills (making use of your upper body to help power you up, and providing an...
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    Pack Size/Model Survey

    I listened to the advice of the veterans (experience, not age...) like Sil and Spursfan about limiting weight, and my Camino was immeasurably the happier for it. I would fully endorse the 'no more than 10% of your body weight' rule - which limited me to 6.5Kg. I also completely agree with...
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    Sheets, Packs, and Shoes

    I used a permethrin spray on my sleeping bag that treats fabric for up to 2 weeks and kills bugs (including mosquitos) on contact (the details are under the posting 'BUGS, BUGS, BUGS), then took insect repellant wipes 'just in case', but no bites in spite of one or two unsavoury-looking...
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    Clothes washing?

    This is where modern fabrics come into their own - in normal life I stick to the natural materials rule, but for the Camino I raided charity shops for all the lightweight polyester hiking gear I could find. I found it well worth road-testing everything - to make sure that trousers and shirts...
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    Sorry, but...Where do women pee on the camino...?

    Dear Mel, You both have a wonderful, wonderful Camino - and tell me how you get on with the Mooncup! Very best wishes, Pip
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    Sorry, but...Where do women pee on the camino...?

    Yes, the Whiz is great! I did just squat most of the time - but the Whiz is definitely the thing for nasty public toilets. I have yet to try a Mooncup (I'm keenly anticipating the menopause, so wasn't sure whether to invest!) - so I got some norethisterone pills (5mg 3 times a day - but...
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    Injured toes - OOPS!

    Dear Andy, I assume that your toes were not displaced by the injury (leaving them off at a strange angle), and that only the toes (ie not your forefoot) were injured - in which case you should have healed fully in the time for your Camino. Broken toes, fingers and ribs that aren't displaced...
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    Well, my informant said that the other dogs do just stand around barking, perhaps, but not attacking. The dominant dog takes the lead, and if you floor him, then the others back off. I think the principle was speed and the element of surprise stopped the pack from engaging too. Mind you, I...
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    I used to do a lot of long-distance cycling about - erm- 30 years ago, when dogs for some strange reason had the tendency to be driven wild by the sound of a bicycle, and chase cyclists. It happened to me quite a few times back then, and I am not a person who has ever had a problem with dogs in...
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    Where is xm ?

    Dear KiwiNomad - good luck with the paper, getting it done will make your Camino feel even more like liberation!
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    Where is xm ?

    Welcome back, Howie - I hope your plan of booking accomodation worked out well for you. I would say that the only thing that marred my trip was the awareness of a certain competitveness about setting off before dawn (with much rustling and fuss, thus waking everybody else up) seemingly in order...
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    Is this a good idea?

    The trains do seem to be a bit complicated around there. There are regular trains from Irun to Bayonne and Bayonne to St Jean, but it looks like only 3 trains a day from Pamplona to Irun (two in the morning, one at night) - and the whole journey (with the changes, and something of a detour) is...
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    Socks - are they important??

    Another vote for liner socks and wool oversocks... I was new to the whole liner sock idea, but tried them, loved them, and had absolutely no problems. I would wholeheartedly recommend Coolmax or other wicking wool socks (and as far as I am concerned, the thicker the better) with a thin wicking...