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  1. Preshadon

    Comment by 'Preshadon' in media 'Rocky Section on the Descent into Molinaseca'

    In September of 2017 I came across a group of women surrounding a pilgrim who had tripped and fallen a few kilometers back from where this photo was taken (approaching El Acebo de San Miguel). She was face down and in severe pain. We helped her roll over and eventually sit up and then stand...
  2. Preshadon

    Clarification needed: "cruzada contra la hospitalidad tradicional"

    Is there a movement in Spain to change the alberque system? I hope I'm confused because of my limitations in understanding Spanish, but I came across the following in the web site: "Asunto preocupante en grado sumo es el de la cruzada contra la hospitalidad tradicional, aunque tanto...
  3. Preshadon

    Starting in Burgos

    Your description of the meseta as an environment that fosters contemplation truly resonates with me. I agree and appreciate you putting words to something I was struggling to define. Like you, I found the meseta to be a rewarding experience: The simplicity of the horizon line, the jet...
  4. Preshadon

    Starting in Burgos

    Last month when we stayed in Burgos, we were very happy to find a great place to do laundry. It's across the river from the cathedral. Walking south on Plaza Vega (which becomes Calle Madrid), look for Calle Miranda on your left. You will see it close to the bus station. They have several large...
  5. Laundry in Burgos

    Laundry in Burgos

    Laundromat adjacent the bus station in Burgos
  6. Preshadon


    I spent a night there last week. I think Tallan described it best. Keep in mind that much of the "experience" comes from what you bring to it. They provide the environment, the opportunity, and you with your fellow pilgrims can make the magic happen. For me it was a bit of a challenge because...
  7. Preshadon

    Logroño protest

    Last year we entered Logroño right at the beginning of the week of feria. What a blast! We spent a lot of money there and had a great time (not necessarily always related). We made good friends there. I have complete confidence in the economic laws of supply and demand, and no fear that...
  8. Preshadon

    Making the Camino better

    Thank you, Notion900 for referencing Mikel. I am particularly interested in the perspective from Mikel because of his proximity to the Camino and because he probably pays the taxes for the government entities that support the Camino.
  9. Preshadon

    Making the Camino better

    What are the 7 best things I can do to make the Camino de Santiago better for those who will follow me and for the hosts who graciously share their beautiful country with me? Feedback is a gift, so all replies are appreciated but I am particularly interested in the response from those who live...
  10. Preshadon

    First time

    I like your plan. Learn what your limits are early in the trek, and build up some extra miles. Then you can enjoy more flexibility later on. Hopefully your scheule allows you to do less than your limit on most days. Our experience was that we set a goal every morning, one that was certainly...
  11. Preshadon


    No need to worry about getting lost after leaving Orisson. The way is well marked. Consider going to Google Maps. Using the street level view, you can get a prelude to what you will see as you hike along the road toward Roncesvalles. I don't remember seeing any commercial signs along that...