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Recent content by Priscilla NC

  1. Priscilla NC

    (Finally) Through Ohio on the Buckeye Trail

    Thanks for this. I was following you as you walked in early 2020 until you stopped in WV. I look forward to catching up. I live in NW PA, so I'm interested in the Ohio trails.
  2. Priscilla NC

    A Furnace Full of God: A Holy Year on the Camino de Santiago

    Not Rebekah (and I really loved her book): I walked the CF twice. The first time in 2016 and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It was pure magic, start to finish. The second one was 2019, and I had to cut it short at Astorga because I got sciatica really bad and just could...
  3. Priscilla NC

    EW....that's disgusting!

    On both CF journeys, I ate at Cuatro Cantones -- excellent! In 2019 it was Easter Sunday, a very chilly day, the town was crowded, so one of my walking partners and I got in without a long wait. A neighboring table was served with a pizza -- looked and smelled delicious. We ordered one and I...
  4. Priscilla NC

    Band of Trudgers - Virtual Camino

    Ooooh, hard to make a choice! Yes, maybe the rum, or the gianduja? The hardest decision I have to make today.
  5. Priscilla NC

    Pole Tip Protectors - A Serious matter - There are tips and tips

    I lost my black diamond poles in Ages on the CF (don't ask), and got replacement poles and tips at Decathlon in Burgos. Pro tip: do not buy Decathlon rubber tips! They do not last at all.
  6. Priscilla NC

    Band of Trudgers - Virtual Camino

    @igailfh, Enjoy your journey on the Chemin Le Puy! My first trail on Walking4fun was the Arizona Trail. I have spent lots of time in Arizona, and thoroughly enjoyed that 'walk' too. I'm jealous of your lovely summery weather. I'm doing much of my walking in my apartment, as we have been frozen...
  7. Priscilla NC

    Band of Trudgers - Virtual Camino

    Hello all, I just finished the Chemin le Puy today. I'm now off to walk the Portugues. Coming after you, Canterbury Pilgrim (Jeff Crawley)! Stayin'Alive
  8. Priscilla NC

    Roncesvalles Albergue April 2022

    I walked the Camino Frances twice starting in April. Each walk I was grateful to have a silk liner plus a lightweight sleeping bag. It was freezing coming over the Pyrenees both times. And the coldest night I ever spent was in Sahagun in May in 2016.
  9. Priscilla NC

    At @Anamiri's request

    I grew up with a beagle. Absolutely, he could not be trusted! And ran like the wind whenever he could break away. But what a wonderful spirit he had. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Priscilla NC

    The Solace of Memory

    Thanks for sharing your memory that has brought me to a better place of courage and hope on this, the 45th gray day of January!
  11. Priscilla NC

    Band of Trudgers - Virtual Camino

    Congratulations, Jeff! I may see you on the Portugues, I'm on the Le Puy and have 150 miles to go. May you be safe and well. Buen Camino!
  12. Priscilla NC

    Lone Peak 5 available in a few weeks.

    Great video. Thanks for posting, I'll have to check these out. I had moved from Lone Peaks to Timps, but I understand that the Timp 2.0 is narrower, not a change I'd like to see. Maybe back to Lone Peak??
  13. Priscilla NC

    Video/Pocast A walk through Santiago earlier today (Jan 12th 2021)

    A great walk, thank you. Great music tool
  14. Priscilla NC

    Band of Trudgers - Virtual Camino

    Congratulations, Jeff!
  15. Priscilla NC

    Band of Trudgers - Virtual Camino

    I am really enjoying the Le Puy walk! So much so that I'm considering it for my next Camino. I'm a bit over 50% finished. I really love closing out my day by inputting my steps.