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Recent content by rachcarter

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    Cycling from Pamplona to St Jean Pied de Port?

    Hi Duncan You asked me to let you know how my plans went for my cycling camino - and I'm happy to tell you that is was great. I flew into Pamplona and put my bike together at the airport. I'm really happy I did this as it was only a 6km bike ride to town. I had booked a cheap hotel to stay at...
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    Albergue closures in Asturias

    Hi. I'm cycling back on the Camino Norte now. When the Albergue in Ribadeo was full I rang the Albergue in La Caridad and was told it was closed for August. Yesterday, after the Albergue Soto de Luina was full - and I knew it was too far for me to continue to Aviles - I started trying to get...
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    Hiking sandals or lighter flip flops?

    Hi. If you are not fashion conscious then I'd recommend the Crocs. You can wear them in the shower, out in the evening, as relief shoes if you get blisters and if it's cold you can wear them with socks - but then I'm the crazy Kiwi who has just cycled and walked 1000km in my Crocs. I did 900km...
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    I am in Santiagoooooooooooooooo

    I'm in Santiago and want to buy maps/book for the Camino Nor Hi I've just arrived arrived in Santiago too. It's great to be here. I cycled from STPP but am going to leave my bike here and walk to Finisterre and Muxia and get the bus back from Muxia. It will be great to experience some of what...
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    Bike security?

    Hi Thanks for your replies. I'll take my bike chain and lock to be sure. Cheers, Rachael
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    What is the one Albergue that you would say not to miss

    Private albergue I can book near Roncesvalles? Hi Just wondering if anyone can recommend an albergue near Roncesvalles. I am starting the Camino in St Jean Pied de Port but I want to cycle there from Pamplona but as I don't think I'll be able to leave till after lunch I want to stay somewhere...
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    Bike security?

    Hi I am wondering what people do with their bikes at night when they are staying at albergues. Is there normally a shed to put the bikes in - or are they left outside and you just lock them up? My first night I will need to find accommodation is Pamplona - is there an albergue that is more...
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    Cycling the Camino in Crocs?

    Hi Thanks for that. You are probably right. I've only had the crocs for about a month so don't really know about how they'd go doing all the things you describe. I may have been a bit too keen to be comfy! Cheers, Rachael
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    Travelling by bike.

    Hi I just wrote a reply to another forum and said thanks to you for your advice - biking-the-camino/topic14181.html#p96573 Regards, Rachael
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    Cycling the Camino in Crocs?

    Hi I'm sorry for your wife. I had cleats for a couple of years and made the decision that I wanted to change back to my old fashioned pedals after I came off my bike twice using them. Once was on a cycling trip in Samoa when I was going up a steep hill and changed down to my lowest gear and...
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    Cycling the Camino in Crocs?

    Hi I use the old fashioned pedals and did a 100km bike ride along the coast in the weekend wearing a pair of Crocs. My feet were comfortable the whole way, didn't slip and it was great to be able to slip them off and paddle in the sea when I wanted a break. As I won't be going fast or...
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    Travelling by bike.

    Hi there Thanks so much again. Such valuable information! Do you know if those maps are readily available to purchase in Spain? If not, I have booked a hostel in St Jean Pied de Port already in preparation for doing the Camino Frances - so will still start there regardless of the route I take...
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    Travelling by bike.

    Hi there Thanks so much again for all your information. I've just read the write up you did and it's great. Beautiful photos. I'm very excited about the trip - I love seafood and cider - and I just heard today my panniers are arriving with someone on June 11th. I live in Timor Leste so had to...
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    Travelling by bike.

    Hi there The sea views would be lovely - and the thought that the albergues may be less full in July is another great advantage. I'll start doing some research on that route. Where are you planning to start the Camino Norte? Cheers, Rachael