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    St. Jean to Burgos

    I'm inquisitive about how you chose that segment. Is it because the distance matches well with the time you have available? Are there places you'd like to see? Is it the landscape / scenery / environment you'd like to experience? Does someone you want to visit live there? Is the local food...
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    USC Camino Course - Módulo I: La Historia Del Camino

    Anyone else here have trouble reading PDFs sideways?
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    Looking for Pics of the Museo Del Chocolate in Astorga

    What I liked most about the museum was the explanation of why the chocolate industry became established in Astorga. A local churchman (Bishop?), declared that by eating chocolate, one did not break the fast. So it was possible to fast AND eat chocolate. Perfect reason to establish an industry...
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    Hi Ivar, I enjoy and appreciate your video updates. I promise to visit you when I do my 2nd...

    Hi Ivar, I enjoy and appreciate your video updates. I promise to visit you when I do my 2nd Camino, probably in Sept./Oct. 2021. Thank you for your work. Saludos!
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    What is your perspective on this rather metaphysical question?

    In 2018 I quit my job (wasn't old enough to "Retire"). Have not regretted it. You only live once, and you are past the mid-point of your life. You better go do something you love soon! Imagine yourself in 20 years. What stories would you like to tell?
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    My old Camino shoes have been stolen.....

    Camino lesson number x: You'll happier without too many things. Still. . . I'm sorry for you. I love my old boots too.
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    Is anyone doing the Camino without any specific purpose

    I didn't know why I was on the camino either. I'd tell people who asked: "Because I decided to". I did not have any religious, athletic, adventure, romantic or other intention. However, in retrospect, I discovered "Camino Magic".
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    St Jean Pied de Port - walking stick required?

    I appreciated my trekking poles on the uphill portion, but they would not have been totally necessary. On the way down, I REALLY appreciated my trekking poles. They absorbed shock that otherwise would have to be absorbed by my ankles and knees. I could have managed without them, but would...
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    garbage on the trail!

    Every Albergue should charge every pilgrim EUR 1 more for each night's stay, and give each pilgrim a trash bag upon departure in the morning. At the following Albergue, pilgrims delivering a full bag of trash could get a EUR 2 discount on the price of their overnight stay. I think the...
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    Before vs. After

    My first camino: SJPdP to Santiago to Fisterra to Muxia to Santiago (1'024 km / 636 miles, all on foot with a 9 kilo / 20lb backpack): Sept 12 - October 22, 2018. My Timberland boots were so awesome (only 1 blister, and that was close to the end on a day I foolishly walked with wet feet and...
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    Where Can I Find One of These?

    There's a large one, unguarded, that someone left on a hilltop somewhere in Spain. . . : )
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    Trekking poles

    I'm a big proponent of using trekking poles. I used them all the way from SJPdP to Fisterra. I found that trekking poles accelerated my pace very significantly on the uphill sections and moderately on the level sections. On the downhill sections they slowed me slightly, but protected my...
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    Did you miss anything?

    A big, fluffy towel.