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2022 Camino Guides
The 2022 Camino guides will be coming out little by little, most of them by the end of 2021. Here is a collection of the ones that are out so far.
A thought-provoking Camino memoir. This day-by-day account will inspire you.

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    Detour to Santo Toribio

    Hello both, Thanks for the info on the camino de la Reina, I have to admit I had never heard of it before but it sounds like it could be nice and picturesque between Covadonga and Cangas de Onis. I'll ask the locals when or if I get to Covadonga if it's easy to follow backwards Thanks for the...
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    Detour to Santo Toribio

    Hello both, Thanks for your replies. I should say that I'm also a very experienced mountain climber and mountaineer with first aid experience as well as a peregrino :-) I've also done many multi-day treks over the tops of mountains in the Scottish Highlands, Snowdonia, the Lakes etc in all...
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    Detour to Santo Toribio

    Hola all, Thanks for the replies. I've looked into this route in a little more detail since my original post and am hoping to try a few extra things out all being well, based on the German Camino del Norte alternative routes guidebook which has some good route descriptions and details of...
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    Dragonte route... Looks wonderful. Anyone taken it?

    Hola Dubbydub I took the dragonte route two years ago and we had some stunning views up there. It's not so difficult to follow but you need to bring food and water for the whole (long) day. I agree with Harry_Murph that it's best to aim for La Faba... there was little chance that I could have...
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    Albergues - New and Closed!

    Hello Dave, I'm setting off in a month and have scribbled all these notes into my copy of your new guidebook. Thanks for all the extra information, it really is very useful. Chris
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    Camino Romance

    Hello all, I met a girl just an hour or two out of St. Jean. We walked to Burgos together before she had to leave to go home. I won't go into details but we had a very special and life changing journey. 2 years later and we're living together and about to set off on our third camino together...
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    Route from Lugo to Sobrado

    Well that makes things quite interesting for me. A choice of two routes to Friol. I've got a degree in Classical Studies (partly why the route through Lugo draws me in - really looking forward to walking the walls) so I'm being pulled towards the late Roman 'santuario' Santa Eulalia de Boveda...
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    Route from Lugo to Sobrado

    Hiya Bobbie, I'm leaving Irun just one day before you so chances are we will bump into each other somewhere along the way. Not so long to go now. Hope you have a good one. Chris
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    Starting Camino Portugese in September, need some advice

    Hola Arya, It sounds like a pretty good idea to me. That way you get to see the ocean and get to Rates without walking 30km. You'll have to let us know how it goes. Chris
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    Starting Camino Portugese in September, need some advice

    Hello Arya, In July last year I walked the coastal route from Matasinhos to Vila Do Conde, then on the second day walked inland to Barcelos. I saw a few other pilgrims on the first day doing the same route. If you want the albergue experience then it's probaby best to walk directly to Rates...
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    30 days or longer?

    Hola Jac, I walked the Camino in 31 days 2 years ago. I didn't rush it or push myself particularly hard. I still had plenty of time to see everything and had a really enjoyable time; it just meant no rest days. You'll have to do a number of longer days (30km or so) but that should be ok after a...
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    Detour to Santo Toribio

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone had walked this detour from San Vicente to the monastery of Santo Toribio. It looks like a nice detour from the Camino del Norte into the hills so if I had the time I was hoping to walk it in 2 days then catch the bus back to San Vicente to continue on the...
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    Route from Lugo to Sobrado

    Thanks for all the information, it's really helpful. I'll definately take this route when I walk the Primitivo in June and I'll keep you posted on how it goes Chris
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    Route from Lugo to Sobrado

    Hola all, I’ll be walking the Primitivo this year and was looking into taking the route that connects the Primitivo with the Norte from Lugo to Sobrado dos Monxes (via Friol) to visit the monastery there. I have found a useful web page with route descriptions in Spanish but I was wondering if...
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    Alternative Options

    Hola Charlesx I walked the Dragonte route with a friend in September 2011 using just the Brierley book and it was a really beautiful and peaceful way. Pilgrims aren’t so common so the locals were very happy to see us and in one village took us to see their local highlight – some quite large...