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Recent content by RennieArchibald

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    How do you wear a hat with a backpack?

    I've a similar health history. I have bitten the bullet and use sun screen which I hate, but..... So your pack must be quite tall. You can buy a hat with a cape that drops over your ears and neck. An Aussie invention, at Dorfman Pacific or Amazon. Or rtake an kercheif and wear it under...
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    COVID When the Camino once again has Pilgrims Part II...

    IMO..there will be no normal until a vacine is develped and distributed
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    COVID The last pilgrim on the Camino

    There are a group on the Camino I refer to as the lost boys. They live here. Glad the cops were cool about this man.
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    COVID COVID-19: Current Camino Conditions

    Ponferrada too... only groceries and farmacias open here.
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    LIVE from the Camino COVID 19 - Offers of help on the ground

    City of Ponferrada is closed down. No word yet on the albergues.
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    What do you have to take every Camino?

    The box wines are cheaper, lighter and have twist off tops. What they lose in quality...........:)
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    COVID COVID-19: Current Camino Conditions's always quiet in Palencia....That said, it's all good in my part of Castille-Leon too. Here's a site with up to date news in English.
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    Poll Do I absolutely need sunglasses for the Camino Frances in June?

    I bought a pair of the flip up sunshades to attach to my regular glasses. Works fine
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    Walking the Camino Frances multiple times - why?

    Seriously?...Who can tire of dry chorizo bocadillos or fried until it's boot leather pieces of cow?
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    Rain protection - ( Overkill ? or cut back to save some weight?)

    I have used some frogg togg products, rain suit and gloves, in the past. They did not hold up well for me. This year I skipped a jacket deciding to use the altus poncho for everything. Worked out fine.
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    Astorga to Santiago -- lots of questions!

    I don’t know sort of shape you two are in. Astoria to Foncebadon is a rough opener. I’d consider stopping in Rabanal, the Acebo, then Ponferrada. Lots of busses and trains in Ponferrada.
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    Camino Frances - time to walk with most albergues open

    Just finished a short walk On the Maseta. Next time I’ll wait until March. Even a number of municipal s were closed.
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    Just follow the arrows. If you really want maps, Brierley sells a map book for the kindle app.
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    Do I carry a sleeping bag or an ultra light liner bag ?

    I'd go with a bag. Sea to Summit's one pounder does me well. It'll can be well below freezing then and as mentioned many albergues will be closed. I beat the compression problem by loading it into a loose bag, putting it at the bottom of my pack, and then letting subsequent gear do the...
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    Sleeping bag liner

    Had the same problem. Took it to the cleaners who also do repairs and had it slit along the seam about half way down and the edges hemmed. Works fine. No need to seal it.