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Like to run, bike and hike. 1st Camino was a rare event that combined a spiritual element with my love of outdoors and being active. People along the way, pilgrims and hosts, were (almost) universally supportive and friendly and I made several new friends. This was an epic adventure. Managed to traipse from Lisboa to Santiago on a second journey (Aug/Sept 2018) in a brutal 40+C heat wave, with a wander over to Fatima on the way to Coimbra. Lovely trek but far fewer pilgrims than on CF.
2022 - Walked from Canterbury to Martigny (Suisse) in June/July. Took Chunnel Train instead of P&O due to labor issues at P&O Ferries. Walked across France on VF and old Via Romain, encountering more wild animals (deer, boar, foxes) than other pilgrims. Lack of support infrastructure makes advance planning and often advance booking a more serious issue than on the CF or CP. Will finish in 2023 in Rome, or 2024, if family events intervene in 2023.
Edmonds, WA, USA
Time of past OR future Camino
2023 VF 2nd Half


CF 2013 - SJPDP to Santiago; CP 2018 - Lisboa to Santiago; 2022 - VF Canterbury to Martigny. 2023 - Planning Martigny to Rome.
Focus on the journey; the destination will arrive soon enough!



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