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  1. Rick M

    Bored walking

    Exactly so. When I first started training years ago, I had a lot of things distracting me as I worried about my shoes, the weather, the pack, the flight connection, etc, etc. Over time, on familiar ground, the mind empties of worries and you become both present in the moment, and completely...
  2. Rick M

    COVID Americans allowed in EU this summer

    Not a good idea to laminate a vaccine certificate until some authority says it is. Nothing screams "Hi, I'm a credential that can't be validated" like a laminated credential. Protective cover is great idea though.
  3. Rick M

    Offer one Camino suggestion.....

    There is no need to photograph the churches, bridges, monuments, and landscapes that you will encounter every day, they have already been photographed a thousand times over and better pictures than you will take are available on line. These things do not change, and are not part of your Camino...
  4. Rick M

    Weather information for Spain and Portugal is my go-to for understanding what to expect. The data there can be a little bit puzzling out of context, so the FIRST location you should look up and study is your own home town. After you know what the real weather is where you live, its easy to say, oh, Burgos is 3 degrees...
  5. Rick M

    What was the thing you were most happy to lose on the Camino?

    Masks. I had quite a few with me when I arrived in SJPP, but I lost a bunch of them on that first Camino. The Corporate Executive mask was the first to just dried out, crumbled, and blew away in the wind somewhere just after Logrono. I left the Salesman mask on the counter in the...
  6. Rick M

    What do you like to do when you get to Santiago?

    Get up early, two cafe con leche to counteract last night's tapas tour, and quietly head for Finisterre.......
  7. Rick M

    Training on a treadmill.

    Apologies for the misunderstanding, my post was not aimed at you, but rather the OP. I shamelessly quoted part of your post as having a key thought in it, that's all. My point (same as yours) was that a treadmill does not simulate everything about walking the trail, a point which you brought up...
  8. Rick M

    Training on a treadmill.

    Treadmills are great for building basic strength and endurance, as well as cardio fitness, and training on one is a much better option than not training at all. They will also help you get a read on your shoe/sock situation, which is critical. The weakness in treadmills is that the ground can be...
  9. Rick M

    Plans for 2021?

    Based upon the science that has been published so far, we have significant grounds for optimism. Its true that the first quarter of 2021 is going to keep the Camino a no-fly zone for all but the most determined locals, with the rest of us hiding in the dark. But as spring turns to summer, the...
  10. Rick M

    Why do pilgrims carry on when it is really hard?

    Heroism? Perhaps its more helpful to ponder why some (not all of course) retired people who live alone will wake up in the morning, shave, dress, coif hair, and proceed to the easy chair to watch their daytime shows. What is the point of getting dressed at all? The answer of course, lies in our...
  11. Rick M

    Transport from either Pamplona or San Sebastian airport to Saint Jean pied de Port

    Exactly so. SNCF, the French rail operator, does not provide any schedules beyond about 90 days, and for some routes, even less. Rest assured, the main TGV line from Hendaye to points north runs year round, its one of the main lines, and there are many trains per day. The "Pilgrim Train" from...
  12. Rick M

    Transport from either Pamplona or San Sebastian airport to Saint Jean pied de Port

    You will find choices, but here is what I would do....... Fly into San Sebastion airport, its actually in Irun on the French border, which, incidentally, is actually the start for Camino Norte. Your Camino starts at the baggage claim. You can walk from the airport into Irun, and across the...
  13. Rick M

    Ideal Time of Year for Camino de Norte

    Although if you are planning on flying, San Sebastion's airport is guessed it........Irun. You can literally walk out of the airport and start your Camino. Or, you can catch a train or taxi into town, and start grazing in the old town. Everything you've heard about the food in...
  14. Rick M

    COVID Airline refund on cancellation ?

    I cancelled my SNCF tickets for May that I bought on Easy peasy, logged in, went to my trips, clicked cancel, got refund. These were "cheap" tickets, and theoretically non refundable. SNCF seems to have a no-quibble policy at the moment. A shout out for the Hotel Midi Montparnasse...
  15. Rick M

    LIVE from the Camino OzAnnie jumps on Levante from Toledo (with help from friends )

    Yours, and the odysseys of many others during this time is reminiscent of my own journey home from Boston after 9/11 when the USA went into a wary shut down. All I can say is that you will get home, you will have a story to tell, and the feeling when your head finally hits the pillow in your own...