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  1. rioja routard

    recreation of a 1745 British march The Camino inspired me to do a solo walk in December 2014 from Manchester to Derby in authentic Jacobite period clothing following closely the route the army of Bonnie Prince Charlie took in 1745 from the Highlands of...
  2. rioja routard

    Camino Angels - please contribute YOUR story!

    miscellaneous-topics/topic2247.html Some more stories here. I joined this form 6 years ago today and it is still as good as ever! :D
  3. rioja routard

    A sad day on the Camino Frances today.

    I left a special memory there in the shape of a laminated photograph which I secreted within the cross in the hope that it would remain there in July 2006. In January 2009 I passed that way again, in the snow and was intrguiged to see if it was still there? Not to be, it had gone. I had not...
  4. rioja routard

    Arrive in Lugo and start walking from Sarria the same day

    If you get off the stop before Lugo you will find it is Sarria? Otherwise you could always walk from Lugo to Santiago away from the crowds unless you really want to do the Francès?
  5. rioja routard


    This is totally amazing but I have just watched the film 'THE SECRET' went on Facebook and saw a post from Ivar linking to this thread. I went on it and was the very issue that The Secret had been dealing with. Watch it, awesome. You will quickly realise how negative fear is.
  6. rioja routard


    I agree with everyone that it is nice to see the fond memories that this thread generated. I was in La Coruña last January and my finacé and I were trying to find the bus to the Roman lighthouse (tour de Hercules). A kind woman appeared out of nowhere and gave us directions to the bus stop...
  7. rioja routard

    walking sticks / poles

    reading the post about new age bores, the subject came up of these metal walking sticks. Surely they are a high tech solution to a low tech problem! When I got tired or needed more support than my legs would give me I would find a stick which would become my friend until I no longer needed it...
  8. rioja routard

    Sub Forum for Religion - Spirituality

    I don't post that much on this forum but like to read what people have to say. Just when I am getting fed up with equipment and logistic questions, and yes they are all very valid and important as people are learning about and wanting to know the answer to so many practical questions, an...
  9. rioja routard

    Valladolid airport to Sahagun by public transport - any idea ... F=NaN&ID=i Hello If you look on the above link you should see the Spanish Rail service between Valadollid and Sahagun. I imagine there will be a bus service from the airport to the city. If you get chance I can really recommend walking the 'ruta...
  10. rioja routard

    In response to the locked mushroom thread...

    Yup Sil Metaphorically it did, because if you look carefully it is the world! :wink: And that is what it felt like I was carrying when I first set out! I did not look like a drifter though, perish the thought! :D
  11. rioja routard

    In response to the locked mushroom thread...

    Actually, it felt like the freedom of speech and ideas were being curtailed in this case. It is something that has not been talked about before and sometimes the same old equipment questions and backpack questions go on and on and if people simply did a search they would see their very question...
  12. rioja routard

    The Peninsular war around Spanish Pilgrim routes

    Hi I have written a blog of our travels. ... report.htm I was looking at someone's comment on staying at Monastery's on the Camino del Norte and it mentionned the bathrooms being dirty at Sobrado. I really did not find them that bad, I've seen a lot...
  13. rioja routard

    Camino Angels

    There has been quite an interesting thread on this subject below already below
  14. rioja routard

    The Peninsular war around Spanish Pilgrim routes

    There is a blog on under news from rifleman Law We followed the Camino Francès from Astorga to Sarria taking in the picturesque SanXil route from Triacastela. Then headed to Lugo (awful outskirts to trudge through) and stayed at Lugo (great city) 2 nights in...
  15. rioja routard

    The Peninsular war around Spanish Pilgrim routes

    all going well. Some people are absolutely delighted to see us and want pictures of us in our uniforms with their friends. The most touching episode was at Rabanal. Our lunch and beer was paid for us and many took photos of us, really enjoying the touch of colour we have brought. It is wierd...