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ritaj's latest activity

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    ritaj replied to the thread Iberia flight cancelations.
    Yesterday my travel agent called to say that my Iberia flight (April 1) that was under American Airlines was cancelled and we were getting a full refund! Up until yesterday, they were only willing to change our tickets with no extra charge for...
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    ritaj reacted to lt56ny's post in the thread 2020 Camino a possibility? with Like Like.
    Speculation and prediction at this time can be dangerous and is pointless. There are so many more pressing issues that must be addressed today. Things change every day. World and national and state leaders, who shall remain nameless, have shown...
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    ritaj reacted to trecile's post in the thread 2020 Camino a possibility? with Like Like.
    I agree, and I would be reluctant to travel abroad without a vaccine, knowing that the virus is still circulating. It's not so much that I am fearful of getting sick, but I wouldn't want to become a vector for the disease and spread it to others...
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    ritaj reacted to Doughnut NZ's post in the thread 2020 Camino a possibility? with Like Like.
    I think that this is a secondary question. The primary question is: Will Spain, Portugal and France open their national borders to non-citizens by September or October? I don't think that they will, I certainly hope that they don't. I don't...
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    We have a flight for Alicante booked for this Friday, looks like we won’t be going. I think the best I can do to help the situation is stay put, at the moment, and not make matters worse, one way or the other... 🙁 Like @alexwalker , I’m from...
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    I cancelled my Camino after 20 years in the the making for exactly the many reasons you mention above. Was to start walking on April 5th. What I also took into account is I was to be in Spain for 45 days. A lot can happen in that time. So many...
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    Not to be. The virus is growing in Spain and France exponentially (as is the situation in many other countries). This feels like a complex chess game and the virus is six steps ahead. Flying right now is also risky. I would feel terrible if...
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    An English-language link, specific to Spain, updated just a few hours ago... https://www.thelocal.es/20200226/covid-19-what-we-know-so-far-about-the-coronavirus-in-spain B
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    ritaj reacted to Jean Ti's post in the thread The CELL PHONE Pilgrims! with Like Like.
    Thank you all for your comments! I am realizing that I am opening a can of worms here and this is really not what I want to do. I also realize that my English level does not allowing me to explain myself correctly. All this to say that I did 2...
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    ritaj reacted to Lindsay53's post in the thread The CELL PHONE Pilgrims! with Like Like.
    I find the phrase 'Don't be judgmental' to be a synonym for 'Don't have an opinion that may upset me'. If people want to spend their time looking at their phones that's entirely up to them, but it does not mean that others cannot think that...

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