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    Best up to date guide book for Via de la Plata?

    Thank you C Clearly -- "here" did the job!' Ritaj
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    Best up to date guide book for Via de la Plata?

    Embarrassed to say this but -- how do I find his VDLP Facebook page so I can update my 2019 edition? Leaving April 1 to pick up our route again from Rio Negro.
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    Who is walking on VdlP in 2020?

    So sad that we will be behind you. We just made reservations for April 1 to fly from Boston to Madrid, then take a bus to Benevente and hopefully get there in time to get a bus to Rio Negro. If anyone has a better way of doing this we'd love to hear about it. So I guess we'll start walking...
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    Who is walking on VdlP in 2020?

    If all is well, a big "if" for we aging peregrinos, we will pick up again in March 2020 where we left off last October in Rio Negro and head to Santiago.... Ritaj
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    @Dave is walking across America -- can you put him up?

    If you change your mind Dave and start in Boston, we are 90 miles west of Boston in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains and would love to host you as you pass through our very scenic area!
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    Top 10 Albergues on VdlP and Sanabres

    I would add Albergue Rehoboth in Villar de Farfon. Craig and Dorothea have created a beautiful albergue (donativo) and Craig cooks a wonderful fabada for dinner.
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    Walking after knee replacements

    I think it's always important to remember that everyone is different and there are different levels of recovery from knee replacement surgeries. Those of us who did well are the ones walking the Caminos (5 Caminos so far for me after both knees were replaced and one revised 9 years later 'cause...
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    Camino Frances, Camino Le Puy, Camino Portugues, San Salvador, Primitivo, Working through the...

    Camino Frances, Camino Le Puy, Camino Portugues, San Salvador, Primitivo, Working through the Via de la Plata...
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    Bedbugs - What is your blood type?

    Have been bitten on every (6) camino and have the allergic reaction -- large red itchy areas with blisters filled with pus. I spray my sleeping bag and pack with permethrin but still get bitten. Am A+ and I voted. Sigh.
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    Older pilgrims on the Salvador

    Here's my thoughts: Wonderful plan! 1. I walked in Altra Lone Peak trackers and found them to be all I could need and did my first Camino without blisters. Before this I always wore my hiking boots (left over from my Park Service uniform years) and always had blisters after several days...
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    Ok I’ll just say it...bladder leaks

    Got a pair, tried them, didn't work for me. Will return them and hope I really will get a refund. The search continues...sigh.
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    Sanabres Guide

    Thank you so much for this suggestion, though it makes me a little anxious. I think perhaps I just have to face not having it this time. But I will be walking the VdlP in three sections -- the middle third in September 2019 (and the last in May 2020) so I will order it from home and have it...
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    Sanabres Guide

    I am leaving the USA for Seville on March 20. Is there any way I can get the Wise Pilgrim guide to the Via de la Plata here in Massachusetts before I leave???? I went to your website but I couldn't tell how it will be mailed and from where so I don't know if it will arrive before I leave. I'd...
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    Ok I’ll just say it...bladder leaks

    Thank you thank you for this suggestion -- I'm going to try everything so I ordered a pair today. They are returnable in 30 days if not satisfied and so worth it if they work for me (though they are a fortune at $39).
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    Ok I’ll just say it...bladder leaks

    You are not alone! Thanks for bringing this up. Interested in all replies...

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