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    Some friends of mine are very wealthy. A few years ago, their daughter got into a very prestigious university that is now at the center of the cheating scandal that involves parents who paid to have their children admitted to prestigious universities even though their children did not...
  2. RobertS26

    New Book: A Pilgrimage to Eternity

    I see that there is a new book on the bestsellers list called A Pilgrimage to Eternity: From Canterbury to Rome in Search of Faith by Timothy Egan. Has anyone read it? Do you recommend it? And why?
  3. RobertS26

    Seattle Roundtrip Flight Questions

    I always book directly with the airline for one huge important reason. If one of your flights is delayed and you miss your connecting flight, the airline automatically rebooks you on the next available flight while you are airborne. A year ago, I was flying on Delta from Seattle to Frankfurt...
  4. RobertS26

    Resurrection of old threads

    How about combining several old closed threads into one to save time? For example: Shirley MacLaine: is she a "true" pilgrim if she started in SJPP, used TSA approved hiking poles, but had her luggage forwarded and did not speak any Spanish? Discuss amongst yourselves.
  5. RobertS26

    Suggestion to Ivar and the dangers of giving medical advice

    As an attorney, I have three rates. One for people who make things worse by acting on legal advice from a family member, co-worker, or neighbor before finally consulting an attorney. One for people who make things worse by acting on legal advice from their Google search before finally...
  6. RobertS26

    Ok, I have to ask....

    I really, really like the OP.
  7. RobertS26

    Etiquette for shared paths

    If you have walked the Camino Frances between Villafranca and St. Juan, you know that this segment works it way through a forest. At some points, the path is literally 100 meters wide (it's a fire break). In 2015, as I was walking this section, I was thinking about how pleasant it was to be on...
  8. RobertS26

    Bringing CBD Oil to Europe in Luggage

    I am a criminal defense attorney in the United States. I pay for my Camino’s (including lie flat Business Class seats) by representing people who make poor decisions based upon internet searches and/or advice from non-lawyers found in internet forums. If you’ve ever wanted to know what the...
  9. RobertS26

    The truth about Camino fashion

    On one Camino, I checked into a hotel at Melide. Also checking in ahead of me was this couple that I had walked with on and off for the last two weeks. After receiving their keys, the clerk took them to the closet where their suitcases had been stored until their arrival. She had seven...
  10. RobertS26

    My Next “Camino”

    When I walked my first Camino, I set out with a change of clothes, some rain gear, a jacket, and toiletries in my backpack. I had a cell phone, but no Euroean chip. Communication would be strictly WiFi. Like most, my emotions bounced back and forth from “how cool is is?” to “this is without...
  11. RobertS26

    Over Thinking and Planning you Camino

    I have told this story from time to time on this Forum and I think it worth repeating. On my second Camino, I met a very skilled surgeon from the United States who was a complete and total perfectionist. In planning his Camino, he read hundreds of books, consulted maps, poured over elevation...
  12. RobertS26

    And You Thought the Meseta Was Challenging

    Man walks 932 miles solo across Antarctica without any assistance. [e.g. he never forwarded his bags one time] https://www.spokesman.com/stories/2018/dec/26/american-man-first-to-solo-across-antarctica-unaid/
  13. RobertS26

    Merry Christmas From Home in East Wenatchee

    Kind of reminds me of Moses Lake, Washington.
  14. RobertS26

    What do you do with your bag once you're at your destination?

    After being on the Camino for a few days you will find the only things (or possessions) that are truly valuable is your passport, your pilgrim’s credential, your cell phone, your credit cards, and your money. Protecting these valuables is extremely easy: they never leave the cargo pockets on...

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