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Recent content by rometimed

  1. rometimed

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2021?

    On June 24th I will be attempting to complete the whole "Baden-Powell Trail" near Vancouver, Canada in a day. The trail is 48kms in length with about 2600 meters of elevation gain up and down the coastal mountains. The last couple of months I have been hiking sections of it and have done all...
  2. rometimed

    Trail shoes for a New Balance 880 lover?

    Asics have been my go to thus far as well. Nice and light and they expand out as my feet expand. For the OP it depends on your ankles, imo. If your ankles never have issues (especially on long walks or hikes) I'd think you'd be fine in either type.
  3. rometimed

    Women: Advice on trail runners/shoes

    I think you should be great then! One thing I watch out for now (from the Scotland experience) is strong material around the toe box (around the toes). I'm not a big fan of this as I prefer moes toes to expand into material or mesh that is soft instead of restricting, hard material. The Camino...
  4. rometimed

    Women: Advice on trail runners/shoes

    I have the Speedgoat 2's and they have lasted me well over 1000 KMs so far and I usually use them as my trail shoe, often in rain. I did my first Camino just in Asics and plan to do this coming one the same. I think Hoka Speedgoats would be a fine choice. You will want to wear them in for...
  5. rometimed

    What do you do when you cannot walk anymore?

    I have to enjoy each moment I can. :) I'm just, still, at the beginning of my Camino + walking life but have had at least 1 large, multi-day walking adventure each year since 2013 (sans 2017). This year's Camino and Mont Blanc circuit will be my last month + off for likely 10 years ... but I...
  6. rometimed

    Frances or ingles route in May - solo walker

    Wow that is interesting! Though I was doing the CI near the end of October so perhaps it was the timing? But it was much much much different for me than the CF in May/June.
  7. rometimed

    Advice for a family

    If you are all fit it's very doable. In 2015 I did Saint Jean to Santiago from May 16th - June 15th and I took 3 days off in that time (1 in Lagrono and 2 in Leon). I averaged over 25 KM's/day but in the middle it's all very flat and farm like for about 3 weeks.
  8. rometimed

    Pilgrimage or escape?

    It's soooo much more interesting and profound. It doesn't have to be the Camino at all but it's a solid example.
  9. rometimed

    Poll How heavy is your backpack?

    In 2015 my pack was just under 9 kg but this was because I wasn't just doing the Camino... I did 8 distance walks over 6 months and brought a tent and other gear. I'm actually bringing the same pack this year for it but with tent and some stuff replaced with drone and some other, slightly...
  10. rometimed

    Pilgrimage or escape?

    What I find interesting is telling people about doing the Camino, the reactions. The saddest thing is when people say "I could never take that much time off." I just don't even fathom that. To me the Camino is my time 'on'.... I just don't get the mindset of traveling only as a source of...
  11. rometimed

    Backpack Type!

    I bring a larger backpack but this would be fine too. Honestly you don't really need to bring much. Worst case scenario you get to St Jean and decide to buy a bigger bag. Outdoor store there is small but not all that expensive, IMO.
  12. rometimed

    WALKING from Biarritz to SJPdP

    OMG HOW DID I MISS THIS?!?! :O This is exactly what I plan to do this coming May! I am desperately trying to avoid your photos lol but the advice is wonderful. Excited to start my Camino from Bayonne and I am hoping to find a new scallop shell there.
  13. rometimed

    Raincoat or poncho?

    I bring a rain shell coat. This year I will be walking from May 15 - June 21 on Camino (Same as last one I walked in 2015). The last time I was on I encountered rain a total of 3 of the days, 2 of which were the 1st two days
  14. rometimed

    The shell?

    For my Camino I found my 3 scallop shells on the beaches of Normandy @ Juno beach.