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    COVID Covid: Le Puy route reopening?

    Greetings, My wife and I walked the Le Puy route in 2016 and loved it. The best part is the food! The route is more difficult than the Camino in that there is a lot of up and down and there are few places to eat in between the start and end of the day. I have taken the liberty to attach our...
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    Le Puy or Not Le Puy?

    My wife and I walked the GR65 in 2016 and found it much different than the Camino. Typically, there are few villages between start and end for the day. The terrain is much more up and down than the Camino. The best part is the food. Can’t beet the food. Here is a list of where we stayed and...
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    Backpack Transport.

    I always use www.jacotrans.com.
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    Who has packed the lightest pack?

    Compression bags are great. This contains 2 pairs of socks, t-shirt, underwear, shorts with bottoms, long john pants & fleece top.
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    Who has packed the lightest pack?

    You are absolutely right. I have run out of water once - never again. I always top off my water whenever I have the opportunity and not wait until my bottle is empty.
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    Who has packed the lightest pack?

    I always buy two small bottles of water at the store and use them when I hike. I just refill the all the time. Hard to find anything lighter. Depending on how far I walk that day and number of places to stop, I sometimes only fill one bottle.
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    Who has packed the lightest pack?

    My contents did not include any hair care because I got a buzz cut before I left. The weights are oz except for the totals which are lbs. I took two pairs of zip off bottoms pants but only carried one bottom. You don't really need two bottoms. If you did not want to shave, you could forget...
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    Who has packed the lightest pack?

    The pack I used is the Marmot Kompressor Summit. My contents were:
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    Will I Be Disappointed?

    Do the GR65 in France instead. You will love it.
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    To carry or not to carry an hair dryer?

    Greetings, If you plan on staying in an Albergues, then yes. Also the competition for mirror space can be brutal so I would also take one of those plugin magnifying mirrors to plugin next to your bunk. If you are planning on doing your own cooking, the pans can be minimal so a good 12” cast iron...
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    How to get from Madrid to St Jean-Pied-du-Port?

    Take the fast train to Pamplona & the bus to St Jean.
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    Wanting to avoid all albergues

    I walked the Camino with my wife and she did not want to stay in albergues so I used Booking.com to book almost all my reservations. It is a great site since you can cancel almost all your bookings within a few days of arrival and they pretty much cover the world. I have attached a list of...
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    Pack is too large for carry-on

    I stand corrected!! In reading the post I went no further than the pack size and did not read the total weight. I had vision of Reese Witherspoon in the movie "Wild". My bad.
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    Pack is too large for carry-on

    You have more to worry about than losing your pack. If you are planning on carrying a pack that size, your chance of finishing is minimal not to mention the possibility of serious injury. I have walked the Camino twice & my pack weighed 11 lbs including my sleeping bag. It did not include water...
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    St Jean to Roncesvalles in a day, or stop at Orisson?

    Always stop at Orisson. You will be glad you did. Make reservations early

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