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Recent content by rorerich

  1. rorerich

    Advice for a family

    I totally understand that people would suggest Pamplona as a start. As an alternative viewpoint, my grandson and I stayed at Orisson the first night and then over the Pyrenees to Roncesvalles. When we arrived in Pamplona he told me that he much preferred the countryside! To this day he will...
  2. rorerich

    Advice for a family

    I think you are asking if 35 days is a reasonable amount of time to walk from St. Jean to Santiago. I am a senior - not athletic but sturdy - and did that Camino in exactly 35 walking days. Take into account that I was slowed by a minor health situation. So, yes, 35 days could be fine. I also...
  3. rorerich

    Camino footwear

    I agree that visiting a store with competent assistance is part of the process in getting advice about fit and options. Even at the *** flagship store - the product line and sizes were limited and the department was severely understaffed. So it was helpful in eliminating certain choices, but I...
  4. rorerich

    Camino footwear

    So glad you are working on footwear ahead of time. I can't tell you how many times I thought I had figured out the "right" pair of boots - but you can never tell until you put them on. I ordered and returned quite a few pairs of boots over an embarrassing number of months. (checking return...
  5. rorerich

    What's going on? Camino del Norte hard?

    Hi everyone - I posted earlier that I would be on the Norte with my sis and appreciated the positive encouragement of the original post and the information others have provided. Having just returned from walking Irun to Santander I have some observations: 1) Yes some of the walking was...
  6. rorerich

    Hot spot on toe close to leaving on Camino

    This also reminds me that to give the toe box more space it works to remove the laces and then replace them - omitting the first set of grommets. Three basic but awesome tips - including this one - is at: https://www.rei.com/learn/expert-advice/lacing-hiking-boots.html
  7. rorerich

    Hot spot on toe close to leaving on Camino

    Excellent catch! Great to pay close attention to anything that could turn into something much bigger! Based on the fact that you are observant to your foot health I predict your feet will be well taken care of on Camino! You will receive MANY suggestions! This is what I do: 1) Protect with...
  8. rorerich

    What date is your first Camino day? Find your Saint?

    Ok, sorry, I got sidetracked earlier - mostly because I love to tell that story - a shameless confession. Back to the topic: My next Camino falls on the feast of Padre Pio. OH!!! He suffered the wounds of crucified Christ. I will need to ponder this beyond the obvious...
  9. rorerich

    What date is your first Camino day? Find your Saint?

    Leaving Sarria on a Sunday morning (which in retrospect I would never recommend) a man complained to me about the great numbers of people in his way (a self-avowed cheap vacationer) by saying, "Look - it's like a procession!" And yes, there was a literal line of people on trail. A "Procession...
  10. rorerich

    Ladies Long Tops

    A "cover your bum" style would more likely be something called a tunic. But here is a list that might get you started : ) 1) This is a performance tee in women's tall: https://www.eddiebauer.com/p/23150006/women's-resolution-v-neck-t-shirt?sp=2&size=&color=Htr%20Gray&sizeType=Tall 2) Although...
  11. rorerich

    Ladies Long Tops

    What are you looking for? A quick internet search shows major brands of t-shirts in women's tall. You must have something specific in mind...
  12. rorerich

    “Bed race” You should read this before attempting Camino Del Norte in July/August.

    I have plans to start Sept. 23 in Irun. Please, please, please tell me that my companion and I will avoid this problem by walking later in the season!
  13. rorerich

    Any small but good thermos flasks?

    Yeti has a good reputation - and yes, it is a true vacuum bottle. There are more than several choices, but this is what I believe you might be looking for: https://www.yeti.com/en_US/drinkware/rambler-12-oz-bottle/YRAM12.html?dwvar_YRAM12_color=stainless-steel&cgid=drinkware#start=1
  14. rorerich


    I agree that a (very) lightweight rain jacket* can be an essential layer. Besides shedding rain, it works as a wind break and will warm you when worn over a shirt or fleece. Pick whatever other layer(s) you prefer. Merino tops are my favorite. A good thing to do when trying to decide: Imagine...