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    Petty theft

    Yeah, I just chose this thread because it had a generic title rather than referring to a specific Albergue theft. I've seen at least 3-4 different posts about entire albergues worth of pilgrims being robbed over the last week or so in the Facebook groups
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    Petty theft

    Seems like I am seeing theft reports almost every day on the Camino Facebook groups ):
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    How to survive the Camino de Santiago

    men sure do looooove to voice their disapproval when women produce content, don't they! :rolleyes: even when they don't intend on trying to read the work in question they for some reason feel the need to offer their criticism.
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    Live - Cam. Norte @Iriebabel walks from Irún on the Norte

    many other pilgrims on the trail?
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    Stylish hats anyone? Pics please!

    i picked this up today at decathlon and i don't think it is too hideous!
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    LIVE from the Camino Two donkeys, two dogs and my wife's cat

    this thread has made my week! can't wait to follow along with your animal fam
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    Recipe ideas for easy cooking

    i plan to try to cook a fair bit on my camino. one idea i had was to bring a few different homemade spice blends with me in ziplock bags- should be fairly lightweight and would hopefully make getting a bit of flavour easy. a few different blends for variety.
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    Blister Treatment

    for australians- you can get the large duoderm bandages at chemist warehouse and cut them into personalised bandage sizes, they cost about 7 bucks but its a big bandage and you would get lots of use out of one! i use em for acne, lol for germans- Cosmoplast Schürfwundenpflaster from DM...
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    rain pants for the CF in late april/may?

    not sure whether to buy rain pants or just get a pair of gaiters and wear shorts if it rains! what do you reckon?
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    is hummus readily available at supermarkets in spain?

    This is awesome, thanks Wendy! I am doing the Frances, yup. Checking out your blog now- I'm not vegan but like to eat a lotta veges so am a little apprehensive about the pilgrim diet :)
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    is hummus readily available at supermarkets in spain?

    i never thought of making it without a food processor! thanks guys! entire tub of hummus and a bunch of carrot sticks and maybe a boiled egg on the side has gotta be my fave lunch on the go :)
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    is hummus readily available at supermarkets in spain?

    yup! i live in germany so i've got a handy little shopping bag that fits into its own tiny pocket ready to go :)
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    is hummus readily available at supermarkets in spain?

    thankyou! big chickpea enthusiast over here.
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    is hummus readily available at supermarkets in spain?

    weirdly specific i know. i just really love hummus
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    Can you stay in the SJPP Albergue the night before you start?

    Thankyou! I considered Huntto and might still, but the main thing that is putting me off is the lack of kitchen facilities. I guess if it is only a 5k walk I could bring lunch stuff for the next day though.... thinking about joining the electric coil cult so I can fill my pockets with eggs :D

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