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Recent content by RRat

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    patagonia nine trails shorts

    Sounds unnecessary complicated to me.
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    ALSA Bus tickets - Pamplona to St Jean

    This comment is for the first timers. The bus terminal is underground. Access is through a building at street level that has no markings. I wandered at street level with my GPS telling me I was there but it didn't tell me it was under my feet.
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    Offer one Camino suggestion.....

    Bring a notebook, nothing fancy. Something to jot notes. Weather, name of the guys you had dinner with, email of friends along the way, where first blister, where the rain began or finished. Name of each alburge and a distinguishing feature. A year later something will come to mind but you won't...
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    how to travel the camino for first timer from malaysia asia

    Step 1. Purchase ticket to Madrid or Paris. Step 2. Make sure to arrive at Air Port on time to board. Step 3. Enjoy the experience.
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    Necessary Sundries

    Imodium, 4 tabs. If you need them you will be in no shape to go get them. One evening a small group in the alburge could have used some.
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    If you had an extra day in Bayonne, St. Jean, and Pamplona...

    Get a private room. Take a long hot shower, take a nap, get dinner, take another nap. Go out for the evening not worrying about getting locked out. Sleep in the next morning. Take another hot shower. Hit the road.
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    Shoe arches when you get a larger size

    If your plans are months in advanced, purchase the least expensive hiking shoes at a discount store or on-line in one size larger. Wear them for a few days. You might find that you have been squeezing your feet into a too small shoe all along. None of us wants to admit we have big feet.
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    Proper Bag Transfer Etiquette

    Just ask the transfer service. There is a phone number on the envelops. When ever I used a service: 1 fill out the envelop. 2 call the service just to make sure. 3. Take a picture of the completed envelop and your bag. Number three is important. As the day goes on I couldn't remember where I was...
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    Navigation and information

    Upon arrival to your alburge. After the cold beer. After your hot shower, After washing and hanging your clothes. After determining where your having dinner. A short stroll to determine you way out of town in the dark tomorrow is helpful. You might even pass a small store so you can obtain...
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    Can I have my backpack transported to municipal albergues?

    i didn't have a problem forwarding to the municipals I stay at. My procedure: Fill out the tag. Call the number on the tag and let them know where you are and where you are going. Take a picture of the completed tag. Later that evening and throughout the next day there will be so many...
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    Is this how we Can feel on Camino??

    It's all a lie. Went to Catholic school in the 60s, nuns are mean! I shared this thought with the nun that checked me in at the alburge, Espirto Santo, in Carrion de Condes. She agreed, growing up, she said she was afraid of them. Then we laughed.
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    Video- How to STOP being a Chubby Pilgrim

    Nothing wrong being a chubby pilgrim. Just start slow. Establishing a weight goal before you start might delay or eliminate the start. Consider it a success if you need to purchase a few clothes items along the way.
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    Camino de Santiago based Bachelor Thesis

    I wouldn't consider it arrogant. It's being cautious. Almost impossible to determine the ultimate use of the data provided.
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    The balloons end up in the field behind my house. Shredded Plastic.
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    Mens or Unisex Sarong for walking in August

    So many thoughts for just a simple walk.