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  1. Sacred Heart

    Tips for a tight budget?

    Thanks Ivar, it's how it's gone this year. Ironically, I will have a lot of money coming to me in October. Angie
  2. Sacred Heart

    Tips for a tight budget?

    Hi Surya, Thank you for all this information. I have an even bigger dilemma. I only have 300 UK pounds and I have a ticket for 4 weeks starting finishing in Lisbon. I was going to walk the coastal but as you said the central is cheaper. I can stay with someone in Porto and then walk back...
  3. Sacred Heart

    Portuguese coastal route safe going solo?

    I am walking all September
  4. Sacred Heart

    Broke Pilgrim Leaving in a Month

    Don't worry, it sounds like you have enough to survive. I am leaving Lisbon on 31st walking 4 weeks and I might only have £400!!!! I will have to find food and hostels with that!!!
  5. Sacred Heart

    Lisbon to Porto coastal return central

    Hi I am walking from Lisbon to Porto on the coastal route and back down on the central route. How many miles is it? Has anyone done this before. I have walked the French route to Santiago but just want a quiet trip this time . Angie
  6. Sacred Heart

    Has anyone walked the Portuguese Camino?

    Hi Everyone Super excited as I hoping to walk the Portuguese Camino in September this year. I last walked half of the French in 2014. Has anyone walked the Portuguese. I am starting in Lisbon. How many days did it take to walk to Santiago? Loads more questions but I don't want to bombard! Angie x
  7. Sacred Heart

    Camino Portuguese from Porto - Costal, Central or Braga Route?

    How did your Camino go? I am walking from Lisbon to Santiago in September. Have you any tips?
  8. Sacred Heart

    Perverts on Portuguese Camino

    I am working with a Portuguese doctor and she really praises Portugal. How expensive is it?
  9. Sacred Heart

    Perverts on Portuguese Camino

    That's awful! I am walking the Portuguese Camino in September alone. How are finding the Camino, other than the perverts. Allergies, food, scenery?
  10. Sacred Heart

    Camino postponed

    Your health is the important thing. You will be able to walk the Camino when everything is cleared up.
  11. Sacred Heart

    Sleeping Bag or Liner?

    Thanks Anne, I am going to have to repack again. I don't see the sleeping bag the day before I go. Good tip about putting it at the bottom. Just as a matter of interest. Did you roll your clothes and is there any format I am missing on the packing it in?
  12. Sacred Heart

    Sleeping Bag or Liner?

    I think it is 35 litres
  13. Sacred Heart

    Sleeping Bag or Liner?

    Thank you so much. I going to have to re pack and try and squeeze something in. The temperature is dropping fast over in England, it still seems to be holding it in Spain 21/22.
  14. Sacred Heart

    Transport from Oviedo Airport to Leon

    I booked Unamuno this evening. So happy to have my first night booked. I want to start walking and give myself time to go over to the coast for the final destination. Sooooooooo looking forward to my spiritual experience and meeting fellow Caminos. Thank you for helping me on this journey...

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