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Camino Way Markers
Original Camino Way markers made in bronze. Two models, one from Castilla & Leon and the other from Galicia.
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  1. SacredSteps

    New Three-Season Layering Options

    You make a good point but Cashmere is too warm for my three season list. I do like a heavy layer as needed in winter, thoug.
  2. SacredSteps

    Icebreaker Merino Shirts - Now a Blend - Alternatives?

    Yes... I think he will like the henley
  3. SacredSteps

    Icebreaker Merino Shirts - Now a Blend - Alternatives?

    Sorry to rehash this older topic, @Robo, but I made a similar post a week or so back. If you want to get back to the fully lightweight merino, the 150wt Woolly brand & 170wt Woolx are exactly what you are remembering before all the blends came into vogue. They are on amazon. I'm not sure if I'm...
  4. SacredSteps

    New Three-Season Layering Options

    Honestly, @PatCambridge, I wasn't a "wool guy" at first because I thought of wool as the itchy sweater I had to wear throughout the church service growing up. Fast forward a few more decades and the 150wt merino is - to me - much more comfortable on the skin than the "dri-fit" polyester, better...
  5. SacredSteps

    Why do my feet hurt? Metatarsal tales

    Coming into this late, so apologies if you have already considered this, but I often have similar pain. On the Appalachian Trail and my first Camino, I developed "stone bruises" or inflamed metatarsalgia. On the AT, there was really nothing at all to do except soak in the stream, wrap it and...
  6. SacredSteps

    New Three-Season Layering Options

    I'll be coming through your beautiful city in just weeks to begin at Mission San Diego de Ayala. Fr. Raymond has been so kind as to offer a blessing for my journey; thank you for your well wishes as well.
  7. SacredSteps

    New Three-Season Layering Options

    I'll be walking the California Missions Trail in April 2021 and then - with a little luck - walking in the UK in the late summer: Way of St. Cuthbert, Pilgrims Way from London to Canterbury, and then beginning the Via Francigena from Canterbury into Europe towards Rome. In 2022, I'd like to...
  8. SacredSteps

    Any interest in a new "virtual camino?"

    Castellano-Aragonés, por favor!
  9. SacredSteps

    Got my first Covid-19 shot!

    Received both doses; all vaccinated. In my county, they announced we have 75% of our seniors (ages 65+ vaccinated) and 25% of our adult citizens. Here in Florida, they are now offering shots to all ages 40+ and (starting next week) all ages 16+.
  10. SacredSteps

    New Three-Season Layering Options

    No offense taken, @lt56ny. My goal is to walk with two shirts and two layering pieces for all three-season weather. Lightweight gear is more expensive; no way around that if it's your aim. Sales, clearance, closeouts, and used gear are worth finding. My last pack weight for the Camino was...
  11. SacredSteps

    New Three-Season Layering Options

    Thanks so much. Hope this helps a bit on brands, as I've definitely been keeping the delivery driver busy this past year. For those who may not have fallen in love with Merino wool yet, the advantages are considerable: Retains warmth even when wet from rain / perspiration / etc. Naturally...
  12. SacredSteps

    New Three-Season Layering Options

    Full kit is over at my blog. I thought it best not to link a bunch of items so that the post wasnt deemed commercial. I got into headaches once for too many links to on a kit post with amazon, decathlo, and rei, etc.
  13. SacredSteps

    New Three-Season Layering Options

    I know layering comes up *a lot* but with advances in textiles and new products coming to market every year, I've spent more time than I would care to admit re-working my layers for both pilgrimage and my non-supported walks on the Appalachian and Florida Trails. I'm headed to the California...
  14. SacredSteps

    Secular pilgrims: why ancient trails still pack a spiritual punch

    Agree with @gollygolly, there are some additional walks very close by these that are not mentioned. I'm sure we could all make lists on them, but Pilgrims Way (I prefer the London - Canterbury route) and I'll add the Way of St. Cuthbert to the holy island, which is one of the routes I hope to...
  15. SacredSteps

    Best Islamic Architecture on the Camino

    Thanks for sharing this, Nick. It's brilliant. Best to you and Wendy!