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  1. Sagalouts

    How to avoid people on the Camino?

    I along with most people on the camino always walk alone,others may walk in the same day and its good to meet them in bars ect,but the day is mine,virtually every body is the same,the most respecful bunch of people i ever met. one summer on the mesata I sat alone on a bench just basking in the...
  2. Sagalouts

    How many days did it take you to complete the Camino Frances?

    Hi Joe I have walked the camino's twice a year now for 5 years and truly can't tell you how many days I took to walk any of them "its about the journey not the destination" is very much a camino truth-walk eat sleep is another have a great camino I hope you will find that the only way you know...
  3. Sagalouts

    Walking staff on planes?

    Hi leave your staff at home,I always find one on the camino or it finds me,they become so personal I hate leaving them behind( i always leave them where arriving pilgrims can find them) many of the old guys on the camino make them and store them by their gate,start from around 5 euros. but I...
  4. Sagalouts

    What is the best way from Wales to SJPP to start the camino?

    hi Darren the cheap options from Wales Megga bus or national bus from Cardiff to London approx 5 to 10 pounds if booked up to 2 weeks before late bus from victoria bus station to stansted airport approx £8 sleep out in stansted (everyone does it and you may hook up with other pilgrims)...
  5. Sagalouts

    Too Lonely? Spring or Autumn?

    hi I walked VDLP in september 2010 and loved it,though to begin with it was very hot-40c but soon dropped the higher up spain i walked. the problems with march/april while being cooler,you have to watch out for holy week/easter where beds are hard to find, while being less people that other...
  6. Sagalouts

    Feminine Hygiene on the Camino

    hope you don,t mind me intruding girls,and i don,t intend this post to be flippant ,but I always carry panty liners-great for putting in walking shoes/boots as padding and blister care, also tampons to place under shoulder straps
  7. Sagalouts

    39 Tips for Hiking the Camino Frances

    ok,here is the old codgers tips. ALBERGUE'S never sleep near a door that leads out, a toilet(unless you have a prostrate problem) check out men of a certain age and size zzzzz dont bother with fancy bulky sleeping bags,a liner is fine,and if silk will help with the bedbugs!!!.the spanish for...
  8. Sagalouts

    LIVE from the Camino Here I Go Again

    It's a hard rains a going to car ride to the airport.2 bus rides to sarria 4 more pilgrims picked up along the way and 12 hours after leaving my house booked into my bed for the night and with fellow pilgrims sharing good food and fine wine.set off in the morning with portamarine in...
  9. Sagalouts

    LIVE from the Camino Here I Go Again

    20 days on the Camino from sarria out to the coast then Muxia and back in from ferrol on the English,would have been just 10 but when booking my ryanair flights pressed 15 instead of 25,time for new glasses,I am posting on the live from because for me a Camino starts at least one day before you...
  10. Sagalouts

    A different Camino, the Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage

    Amazing blog kat.well interested till I got to the bit about snakes bears deadly centerpeeds and hornets.think I will stock to the coast t coast and the odd mildly irritating mozzie,but great job and good pics
  11. Sagalouts

    what the Camino gave you

    sorry not been posting,I have been walking the camino in Poland,and yes I do remember you from last year Charleen it was good to walk the way with you,as to what the camino gave me you have only to read the above posts,it gave me the chance to walk,talk and be with people like you. though it...
  12. Sagalouts

    what the Camino gave you

    sir Thomas more wrote :there is never a pilgrims who returns home without one less prejudice and one new idea: did anyone else find this to be so true
  13. Sagalouts

    Where to sleep if Albergues are full?

    Hi Dan I have walked 2 Camino,s a year for 5 years all over Europe never once did I not find a bed for the night,imo too many walks are spolt by the constant worry of where to sleep,people start booking into Aubergues at 12 if poss all laid on there beds by 2 having washed everything in sight...
  14. Sagalouts

    French pilgrim arrested for graffiti on Camino mojones

    I find it ironical that we all walk the way dependent on the guys with pots of yellow paint doing what would get them arrested in any country in the world ;_)
  15. Sagalouts

    Missing Pilgrim

    hi Joan sorry to hear of your loss,when ever I am on the Camino I always find peace and exception of my own mortality and find I have no regrets and find myself in a happy place,I hope (know) that your brother also found this place. Ian