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Recent content by Sandi Smith

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    Charging medical devices ie Cochlear implants

    I'm thinking about Spring...I WAS thinking about Spring. Now I'm considering Fall to give the virus more time to calm down. But I'm planning on the Portugues with a trip to Karrakesh afterward.
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    Charging medical devices ie Cochlear implants

    Hi Carrie, I'm very familiar with CIs. and I've completed 2 Caminos. These are my thoughts. I hope they're helpful: You could certainly bring batteries since they're so small and lightweight. Bring more than you think you will need. Don't expect to find them while on the Camino. (Too...
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    Portugal situation, albergues, covid

    Absolutely. I'm a health care worker in a trauma hospital. No way I would miss being vaccinated, I can tell you that. ;-)
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    Portugal situation, albergues, covid

    I just saw that the Delta variant is particularly strong in Lisbon right now. I wonder how the rules will progress in the coming days.
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    LIVE from the Camino On the Camino Sanabres now

    This was my second choice for a third Camino. Now I’m thinking it’s a bad idea. Was planning on October so the overgrowth will be even higher! Thank you for posting this.
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    Sept 2021 Soo Excited!!!

    I’m thinking about it very seriously. But haven’t made the final decision. Which day will you leave?
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    Anglican Chaplaincy in Santiago

    What a wonderful new development. I am a licensed lay minister (reader with a Masters in Theology) in the American Episcopal church. But my Camino will end outside of your hours. (About 1 August). If any other events might be available during my time frame, please let me know. I would appreciate...
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    The new and cleaned up Cathedral

    I’m so excited to see her without the scaffolding that was in place when I made my first Camino. I’m on my second Camino now. I’ll arrive in about 3 weeks. I can’t wait. Ivar- I recall some question of whether the botafumiero will still be in use inside the Cathedral now because of work being...
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    Mosquitos, ticks, snakes, etc.

    I’m so thankful for this post and all of your replies. The weather along the Francés has been so wet (and now hot!) that the trails I walked 4 years ago are terribly overgrown with every kind of vegetation. I’ve only gotten to Logroño and my knuckles have itchy bites on them. I do have a few...
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    Torrential rains in the pyrenees?

    Thank you so much. I know the weather can change in a flash. I was just curious about how rutted up and muddy things look right now. This is very helpful. Sandi
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    Torrential rains in the pyrenees?

    I absolutely agree. I've never tried the one to the left but I have had no interest in it.
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    Torrential rains in the pyrenees?

    Yes, as I mentioned, this is my second Camino. I took the path to the right last time and intended to do it again regardless of weather. My query is just to see what the trail looks like in general right now. But thank you very much. I'm sure newer pilgrims will need that heads up for...
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    Torrential rains in the pyrenees?

    I’ve been trying to keep an eye on the weather in SJPdP and Roncesvalles. Obviously, its tough to find accurate info from here in the States. Could anyone over there tell me if the rains in these areas are as terrible and constant as I seem to see on AccuWeather? Is the Napoleon still open...
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    Serious Doubts 3 Weeks Before Camino

    I’ll be starting my second Camino on June 23 so you’re bound to be ahead of us. But let me tell you that I did my first (solo) Camino 4 years ago with no ability to train for steep trails. I weighed 30 pounds more than I do now and my pack was at least 5 pounds heavier than it is this time. My...