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Recent content by santos

  1. santos

    Badges arriving today

    just sent my oder for mine :) i cant wait to get i feel like a litle kid watting for x-mas morning :lol:
  2. santos

    Walkers in the dark

    do ppl walk at night im talking about after super til 12am or so?? cuz i love to walk at night in the dark if its not in wood or deep forest! 5 am is not early do ppl leave earlyer then that? 3-4am? i just hope on may 13 went i start in stjpdp this time all will go good for me :shock:
  3. santos

    how the weather in

    i forgot to say whit FOOD about 2kg for my poncho i got an army heavy duty :? and tell you its very heavy and it not coming whit me and i got one cheap one that rip first time i put it on so iv got a heavy duty pastic bag(i tested it in shower :wink: ) i know whats heavy my sleeping bag :(
  4. santos

    i need lots of answers please

    13 is cool! in st jean i saw 3 brothers 22-15-12 years old they was goin to walk for 2weeks and then had to go back to the states. the lady at the auberge told use he wasnt the first and seen younger ppl walk the whole thing
  5. santos

    how the weather in

    well can i leave sleeping bag behind?all other stuff is what i put up last msg! :S it comes to 18lbs what can i do leave it all and just have what iv got on? for my tent if it get to be a pain i can always leave it behind or give it to someone and if i get off route and get lost again ill have...
  6. santos


    :shock: your crocks are they the real one or fakes? iv got a pair of real and fake the real one i wear all summer long walk alot in them during the festivals here iv spend 8hours+ whit them on and never had pains anywhere! but fake one after 1-2hours my lower back and hips hurt and i better...
  7. santos

    how the weather in

    how the weather in Mid-may? im think of leaving may around 15 from canada to bayonne other question once in bayonne or biritz airport is it easy to get to train station?cuz iv never been there and blah blah..(i get all freaky in new towns) im all ready my bag is pack up 1 pair of plant...
  8. santos


    hi ppl iv been busy trying not to think of the S***y walk i had in march-april of this year and it hit to hard this week(i had a dream)(again) :roll: and iv besided iv got to go back and do this once and for all :roll: i dont know when but i know iv got to do this by next summer i jusr...
  9. santos

    3 people from ETA arrested in Saint Jean Pied de Port

    ppl seem to forget that the basque ppl r terrorist :cry: and want part of france and spain to make a country!! VIVE LA REVOLUTION!! :wink:
  10. santos

    St. Jean to Roncesvalles

    do yourself a favor stop in Orrison 1/2 of the first day dont do like i did keep walking and night fall and get lost :S cuz after Orrison yo start goin up!
  11. santos

    Part one of my trip !!ON YOUTUBE!!

    i pick that music cuz b4 i left canada i was goin to heaven but it turn to hell!and i love south park so why not put the best song from the movie!!(Br. David) ---------------------------------- yeah i got lost trying to find stuff on the map and trying to get back to my hotel b4 tthey closed...
  12. santos

    Part one of my trip !!ON YOUTUBE!!

    hello ppl ok part 3! just wanna say it paris at night :S
  13. santos

    From SJPDP to Roncesvalles by bus/taxi/ ... ?

    hi no bus that goes there BUT if your like 40-50 ppl you cant rent a bus!! taxi is about 40euros from stjpdp-Roncesvalles just ask the guy at trainstation in st-jean to you a taxi! you should walk it take an extra day worth the walk!! look at this video on youtube: you see what i mean...
  14. santos

    Part one of my trip !!ON YOUTUBE!!

    thanx you all!! here the part you all been waitting on part 2 stjpdp and my walk!!
  15. santos

    Part one of my trip !!ON YOUTUBE!!

    thanx you! yup part 2 working on it i would of did it in 1 but you can only upload 100mbs per video and part 1 was 109 and had to change it from mpeg2 to 1and it now 70mbs next will be st-jean and part of my day till i put the cam away cuz of snow and all :S