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Recent content by Sara_Dhooma

  1. Sara_Dhooma

    For non-drinkers...Until!

    Crema de Orujo with the creamy vanilla and toffee flavours is positively divine! 🤩
  2. Sara_Dhooma

    Year-round pilgrims on the Camino

    If EU visit limits were not imposed upon Canadian citizens, I would happily walk on the Camino routes for a couple of years straight. :)
  3. Sara_Dhooma

    Looking for videos about your first pilgrimage

    I will submit a video this weekend! :)
  4. Sara_Dhooma

    Stylish hats anyone? Pics please!

    Not my birthday, I picked it up at Coca on the Camino Madrid and wore it on the Salvador, Primitivo, Via Mariana to Muxia/Finisterre, and Camino Invierno. It was one big trip.. and I also had a sword!!!!
  5. Sara_Dhooma

    Ass Pads - A Serious Topic!

    I also sit on my rain gear! If I am wearing my rain skirt, my bum is automatically protected from mud and water when I sit down. My rain skirt unzips into a rectangle that I can lounge out on otherwise during fair weather. It is all about the multi-purpose gear and keeping the backpack weight...
  6. Sara_Dhooma

    Stylish hats anyone? Pics please!

    One can never go wrong with a Camino crown!
  7. Sara_Dhooma

    The FORUM...means what to you?

    I initially came to this forum to find specific details about particular Camino routes. Quickly, I realized the board was a home for much more than logistic information. I never expected to find true friendships! 🥰 It is a thrill to have met many members "in real life" and virtually on the...
  8. Sara_Dhooma

    How Do You End Your Camino

    Celebrate with a beer in front of the cathedral - and then start thinking about the next Camino. 🥳
  9. Sara_Dhooma

    What food did you ENJOY on your Camino(s)?

    I have so many delicious memories! One that stand out is enjoying an incredible tapas meal with Luis and Antonio from the Cuenca Camino Association. They invited myself and a fellow pilgrim for an evening of merriment followed by a starlit tour of old Cuenca! link to the video is here:
  10. Sara_Dhooma

    What's the one thing in your pack, that you absolutely CANNOT do without...and why?

    I have the Montbell Travel umbrella. Yes, it is expensive, but I have been using it for over four years. The fabric is delicate so I can't use it in high winds. It weighs only 3oz. and is super tiny in my backpack. For sun coverage and more sturdy wind protection, I'll bring along my 6.8oz...
  11. Sara_Dhooma

    What's the one thing in your pack, that you absolutely CANNOT do without...and why?

    I always take an umbrella! I use a big reflective model for sun protection on hot, exposed Caminos. First photo taken on the Camino Mozarabe from Almeria in Jan 2020. Or a lighter-weight model if only used for occasional countryside rain. Second photo taken on the Vezelay Camino in Oct 2020.
  12. Sara_Dhooma

    EW....that's disgusting!

    Food: Stewed rooster combs Why: It was a bowl of a dozen rooster combs. 🐓 Where on the Camino did you try it?: Hahaha I can't remember! I can picture the Albergue and the village in my mind but I forget where I was! It was in February 2018 - so on the Via de la Plata probably. Does it have a...
  13. Sara_Dhooma

    Thru Hikes v Camino - Motivations?

    As a thruhiker and a Camino addict..... both types of walking have their charms. The biggest difference is that the Camino doesn't have the challenge of supporting yourself independently in the wilderness. The degree of safety, level of preparation, and past hiking experience required is much...
  14. Sara_Dhooma

    Camino de Costa Rica

    Thank you for the information about this great new Central American trail! Guided tours are usually too pricey for my solo backpacker budget - so I will wait until there are GPS tracks available and it is permitted to walk independently. I've had fantastic past experiences backpacked and...
  15. Sara_Dhooma

    Good deal on a lightweight down jacket for women

    It is a favourite of ultralight backpackers on a budget. Other featherweight down puffy jackets can run hundreds of dollars (eg. Mountain Hardware's Ghost Whisper jacket). Uniqlo also makes the jacket in men's sizes. A great buy for chilly Camino nights!