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  1. Saranger

    Vueling Airline

    I've flown fueling to/from the Camino, to/from Morocco, and several flights to/from Rome and Dubrovnik. I always take their “mid-range” package that includes a checked bag and assigned seat. The staff know they are no frills and don't have much to offer in service, but are very professional and...
  2. Saranger

    LIVE from the Camino Santiago for Dinner

    I’ve been here three time and absolutely love their tapas. Great with a group and affordable as well. The razor clams are wonderful.
  3. Saranger

    English Way Luggage Transfer

    The Paq Mochila service by Correos (https://www.correos.es/ss/Satellite/site/producto-paqmochila-productos_az/detalle_de_producto-sidioma=en_GB) offers a great product at an affordable price. You can set it up online in advance or wait until you get there. Either way, they're responsive and the...
  4. Saranger

    screening "Camino Voyage" 7 August in NYC

    American Pilgrims on the Camino is working to screen this film at the annual Gathering of Pilgrims in March 2020. Stay tuned!
  5. Saranger

    Spanish Shutters - a Tutorial

    And the rare case when you find air con (always by remote control) basic familiarity with icons and temp conversions will be very helpful! Use common sense to think what the icons might mean. I haven’t been stymied in two decades, but some are easier than others!
  6. Saranger

    Spanish Shutters - a Tutorial

    My father-in-law, a mechanical engineer, was completely confused by them in Barcelona last September. And again in Avignon. By the third hotel he understood the concept, but but as stated in a previous post, there are differences. My point is, I’d love a few sets of these on my SW facing...
  7. Saranger

    ...On Being Short...

    As a 6’2” woman who has whacked my head on many light fixtures and literally other low hanging fruit (or fruit tree branches) I feel your pain. And yes, our longer pants weigh more than your shorter ones, even if they’re the same waist size, not to mention shoes for our our “plus size” feet...
  8. Saranger

    Dona maria

    Do stop at Bar Avelina. Avelina and her sister Mari Carmen are very happy to see pilgrims and their hospitality is so warm and caring.
  9. Saranger

    Walking the Ingles from Ferrol to Santiago via A Coruña?

    I walked the Ingles in May. I flew to A Coruna and enjoyed two days there as a tourist before catching the bus to Ferrol and starting our walk. If you'd like to walk from both places, the two paths meet up in Bruma. So you could walk from A Coruna-Bruma, then catch the bus or taxi to Ferrol and...
  10. Saranger

    Looking to buy secondhand Brierly guide to Camino Portugues

    I also have a very good condition 2017 Brierley Portuguse Camino guide. I'm in the United States.
  11. Saranger

    Have you practiced, or received a random act of kindness on your pilgrimage?

    Interesting how many people talk of the gifts received from the Spanish locals along the way, yet don’t mention what they do for the locals or other pilgrims. For those new to the Camino, it can give them the false idea to expect special treatment or free stuff along the way and then be...
  12. Saranger

    Camino Ingles Question

    May 7-14 we counted 54 other unique pilgrims on the Ingles. Most of the time we saw no one else, except when starting in the morning and again in the evening. If you're at the Pension Maragoto on a Sunday, there's a Dia market in town not far away for getting a picnic. That's what we ended up...
  13. Saranger

    Purchase of train tickets

    Just took the train from Porto-Lisbon. Bought tickets on the train line’s website in advance which includes a discount for early booking. My friend who is 71 qualified for a 20% “senior” discount. Glad we had tickets in advance as the train was full that Sunday morning.
  14. Saranger

    Transportation from SdC to Sarria

    I’ve taken the bus twice before and it is really easy to do from SCQ (airport) or from the SdC bus station. Conveniently timed to have a departure from the airport after arriving flights (with time to collect luggage, use the bathroom/get a snack and exit to the street for the bus. The...
  15. Saranger

    Municipal Albergue at Betanzos

    I was told in Ferrol at office on May 7 there are only 6 beds available during the renovations. She didn’t say when the work will be finished. I took that as an apportu ity to treat myself to a night at the Hotel Villa de Betanzos. When you start in Ferrol get your stamp at the office and a...

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