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  1. Say Simba

    Items mailed or left behind

    1 Spanish language book and one extra rain repellant pants that were too big anyway left at albergue in Orisson after the first day. 1 Adidas running pants left somewhere long the trail. 1 extra pair of short pants. 1 cotton "Go Army" t-shirt left at Estrella albergue. 1 pair Merrill Mid hiking...
  2. Say Simba

    What DO men put in their backpacks?

    I end with only 9.4 kgs in a 45 ltr backpack. My love and partner maintained 14.5 or more the entire way, but then, she is a true trekker, and didn't mind carrying a curling iron and such. In my pack I had: 2 pairs of black wick away undershorts (At night I washed the one I wore that day as I...
  3. Say Simba

    Comment by 'Say Simba' in media 'Camino Portugues -Albergue de Peregrinos de S. Pedro de Rates'

    I like this picture because the bunks in the albergue put the reality of the Camino in perspective next to all of the beautiful scenery one typical sees photographs of.
  4. Say Simba

    Another Backpack recommendation request

    Good points to remember. Perhaps I should be happy with what I had, but just go a little smaller than 45 liters.
  5. Say Simba

    Another Backpack recommendation request

    I am glad you chimed in on this one with such a recommendation. Often along the trail I wondered if a tactical 3 day pack, with its standard hydration port and its other standard, common sense features and arrangements wouldn't have been the best choice afterall. I will definitely consider this...
  6. Say Simba

    suddenly scared

    Walking the Camino will quickly help put things in perspective. I don't think we walk the Camino to feel safe, though it is. Whether we look for it or not, it just seems to give us answers and revelations whether we welcome them or not.
  7. Say Simba

    New to the camino!

    You are going to do just fine. I recommend walking. The food is fine, though I did eat a lot of fruit from the local markets. Buen Camino!
  8. Say Simba

    Lost "spirit "on camino today

    To think, you will actually chuckle about this one day. Bring a little toilet paper with you along the trail. I dumped a lot, but that was one item I learned to keep in my pack. As for the mass, and I presume you mean the "Mass of the Cock," just think about that one along the trail for the...
  9. Say Simba

    Best "literage" for my ruck sac?

    Thanks for bringing that up. I get confused sometimes between the States and overseas. I started out with a pack that weighed in at the airport in Stockholm at 14.5 kg (32 pounds) and ended up leaving the airport at Santiago with it weighing in at 9.4 kg (20.7 pounds). I was also too heavy...
  10. Say Simba

    walking the camino "is it a virus"

    Until I read your post, and saw what you said about not thinking, the worrying about the drudgery that modern life is seemingly becoming, I did not realize it. Yet, you hit the nail on the head. For me, I just got tired of the professional work and its obligations. We, at least many in the...
  11. Say Simba

    Best "literage" for my ruck sac?

    I am 6 foot 1, or in Europe 186 cms. I weighed in at 232 at the start of the Camino. I carried a 45 liter Arcteryx Kea that weighed in fully packed with my stuff at 14.5 at the airport. By the time the Camino was over, my pack weighed 9.4 and I had lost 15 pounds myself. Looking back, I would...
  12. Say Simba

    Flying with your pack

    I didn't have any problems flying, which I put in as checked luggage.
  13. Say Simba

    Were you inspired to walk the Camino because of a book or fi

    I was first introduced to the existence of the Camino in the late summer of 2012 as I watched the movie, "The Way," with Martin Sheen. I also read the book, "The Pilgrimage," by Paolo Coehlo.
  14. Say Simba

    Second day-in Zubiri

    To think, there is still much more to come.
  15. Say Simba

    Seeking advice for early risers-- don't hate us, we can't help it!

    There is nothing wrong with being an early riser. I am one myself, just not out the door at 530 in the morning. Early mornings are beautiful on the Camino. You have the trail to yourself, it seems, and that can be magical. I would suggest having your shower done at night, then your gear packed...

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