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    Pyrenees difficulty

    We've found crossing those mountain on the CF or Argones at times challenging. Our biggest issue was always been the elevation. We live at roughly 52' above sea level. The easier hikes over the mountain was when we gave ourselves a day to acclimate In St Jean Pied de Port or Oloron-Sainte-Marie...
  2. Scott Sweeney

    Is the Albergue in Roncesvalles a “must”?

    No. We find Burguete much more comfortable, warm and great food.
  3. Scott Sweeney

    Blankets 2023

    Sleeping bags and liner's weigh next to nothing. Hostels are more likely to have bedding. Our sleeping bags are 24 ounces each and I honestly believe we bought them in an Aldi's.
  4. Scott Sweeney

    Roncesvalles and Mansilla seem to be the bed crunch trouble spots

    We only stayed in Roncesvalles once and herself rolled off the upper bunk and cracked her heel ( camino was over). After that we always walked on to Burguette and love the place. Beds are comfortable, cafe/bar is quiet and the food is excellent. Upside of that story is we were back six months...
  5. Scott Sweeney

    Your Ideal First Aid Kit for the Camino

    Over the years we've learned one thing, you can't prepare for everything. You can be ready for those issues that are common for yourself as a walker. I take care of my feet and know how to lace and knot my boots.We carry a; needle and sterilized thread. Common size bandaids Triple antibiotic...
  6. Scott Sweeney

    Flights out of Santiago

    We e got good prices into and out of Dublin with Ryanair.
  7. Scott Sweeney

    Jacotrans -ruined backpack

    Well you should get a refund from REI then. Not that it does you any good now.
  8. Scott Sweeney

    Jacotrans -ruined backpack

    I've abused backpack's on Camino's over the years. I've never had an issue like this. What brand of pack is it, if I may ask? One strap maybe but for both straps to rip from the seam sounds more like a manufacturing problem. Hope you make out better on your Camino.
  9. Scott Sweeney

    Absentee voting while on the Camino?

    Absentee Ballots can not be forwarded to a second address.
  10. Scott Sweeney

    Absentee voting while on the Camino?

    You shouldn't have any issue voting early. Our early voting started last Monday, and they didn't need a reason for me to cast my vote. I had my flight information on my phone thinking I'd need to present it upon request. As of now Virginia hadn't gone off the deep edges.
  11. Scott Sweeney

    Bed bugs & getting rid of gear

    You can more than likely expect to find more if you're following somebody else or those people that stayed previous to you in that albergue.
  12. Scott Sweeney

    Suggestions for relieving yourself

    I wondered who would call out the TP leavers.
  13. Scott Sweeney

    Planning has started! 1st time April or May.

    Argones to CF and back to Saint Jean Pied de Port.
  14. Scott Sweeney

    Shared Taxi tomorrow (Sept 10, 2022) from Santiago to Sarria?

    Bus, taxi is ten time more than a taxi.

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