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  • sdevine
    sdevine replied to the thread A 'One Word' Why?.
    The why..... the camino calls to you, solitude, reflection, the beauty of nature, silence so you can actually hear your existence, the wind, the world, your own footsteps, developing community and fellowship with pilgrims, from across the world...
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  • sdevine
    5 Caminos, a few nursing and mental health professional licenses, retired with time....but have yet to be able to connect to any 'training' ! There have not been volunteer trainings offered in locations or time tables that I could possibly attend...
  • sdevine
    sdevine replied to the thread Back on the Francés.
    Buen Camino
  • sdevine
    sdevine replied to the thread Blanket clarity.
    i took a sleeping bag liner when i walked May 2019, its light, doesn't weigh much and you can use to lay on top of any sheets, and place and covers “if needed” and supplied.. in May, June.. i never was in need of covers.. buen camino
  • sdevine
    sdevine reacted to Tim Floyd's post in the thread Our "missing pilgrim" policy with Like Like.
    You are wise to be taking such a thoughtful and balanced approach. You also want to be careful to not expose someone who might be vulnerable. I am sure you have thought it through.
  • sdevine
    sdevine reacted to Northern Laurie's post in the thread Our "missing pilgrim" policy with Like Like.
    There are people who discontinue communication for their own safety (physical or emotional). Please do be cautious about sharing specific location information. Most people are well intentioned but not everyone.
  • sdevine
    sdevine reacted to alexwalker's post in the thread Our "missing pilgrim" policy with Like Like.
    My take on it: On one Camino, I was followed by a woman a couple of days. As she didn't speak Spanish, I gave her my phone number (I do that sometimes when I see it's needed, and I have had to make calls to other countries for solving bank...
  • sdevine
    sdevine reacted to peregrina2000's post in the thread Our "missing pilgrim" policy with Love Love.
    Dec. 18 — Two weeks of mulling, discussing, thinking, and reading forum comments led us to revise the proposed policy that was printed below. For the policy we will apply in the future, see the last post in this thread. After much internal...
  • sdevine
    The song is good. "Don't stop me now"~ We shall carry on walking~ Buen Camino~
  • sdevine
    sdevine reacted to wayfarer's post in the thread Frame vs Frameless with Like Like.
    The little extra weight of the curved frame is worth it to me as it keeps most of the pack clear of your back and reduces contact sweating, my previous pack was frameless and my back would be soaked after every hike.

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