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Recent content by Seanbau

  1. Seanbau

    Is the Botafumeiro closed for repairs in 2018?

    e Hi Michele, Last year I saw the botafumeiro swing on 2 consecutive days. There are many large organised tourist groups attending that I was told will most often make the donation I will be in SDC around the same time in May
  2. Seanbau

    Orisson - bad weather risk

    Thanks Thornley! My first preference is over the top, but on the day I would be just as happy with the route via Valcarlos :)
  3. Seanbau

    Confused about clothes for April/May on Camino Frances

    I'll be around a week behind you.. Last year I took a liner and never used it, my lightweight sleeping bag was enough I would take rain pants over a poncho. My experience was that with rain came wind and I saw many people with ponchos blowing around like a sail Liner gloves!! Personally I...
  4. Seanbau

    Confused about clothes for April/May on Camino Frances

    I have to agree after walking in April 2017. There were a few mornings that fell below zero and one day with driving cold rain & wind where I don't think i would have managed to well without gloves
  5. Seanbau

    Orisson - bad weather risk

    Yes thank you I did see that thread
  6. Seanbau

    Orisson - bad weather risk

    Thanks for the reply, I have decided to not book ahead based on feedback How fast it can change, I crossed the Napoleon Route April 15 last year and it was a fantastic day. On the day you mention I was doing the stretch on the Meseta between Carrion de los Condes and Terradillos de los...
  7. Seanbau

    Reservations at Orisson

    Thank you, this is just the advice I wanted
  8. Seanbau

    Orisson - bad weather risk

    Rectified :)
  9. Seanbau

    Orisson - bad weather risk

    Hi everyone, I'm considering staying a night in Orisson in April, A couple of questions around this please, What typically happens if the weather changes overnight making crossing from Orisson unsafe the next morning? And secondly what happens if the pilgrims office advises you NOT to go...
  10. Seanbau

    Day One - Survived!

    Fantastic to hear your first day went well and that the Napoleon way was passable, I start my own walk in a week on the 15th April
  11. Seanbau

    Heading out at Easter 2017

    I was just about to post the very same question, currently my thinking is that maybe the Easter Saturday might be one day behind the bigger numbers that choose to start walking on Easter Friday. Cheers

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