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    Via Francigena Luggage Transport Service

    When I did the Camino de Santiago in Spain there was a luggage transport service that carried my bag for 5 euros each day to the next accommodation. I’m trying to find a similar service in Italy and am not finding success. If you know of a company that offers this service, please let me know...
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    Epsom salt substitutes for muscles

    Hi there- I like to take Epsom salt baths after a long workout to soothe my muscles. Any suggestions on a similar type of produce to either rub or apply to my muscles while doing the CF, since taking a bath would be a rare luxury? Thanks!
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    Recommendations for a non crowded ‘pilgrimage’

    I’m looking for similar walks to the CF that aren’t as crowded as the CF and which offers similar amenities as the CF, such as a clearly marked trail and frequent towns and hostels for food and shelter. Got Recommendations? Thanks!!
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    Best CF Guidebook Recommendations

    Thank you!! That’s fabulous advice! I appreciate it!!!
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    $ on the CF

    Do you need to carry cash (euros) on the CF to pay for food and shelter or do places accept credit cards? Any advice on currency? Thanks!
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    Best CF Guidebook Recommendations

    I’m looking to purchase a guidebook (in English) of the CF to use for preparing for the 500-mile trek and also to take with me. Any recommendations? Is this a good idea, or would you recommend only taking your phone to use as a resource during the hike? Thanks!
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    Steep declines

    How steep are the declines on the CF? Are hiking shoes necessary or are tennis shoes ok? Are walking poles necessary? Thanks!!
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    Sleeping bag/blanket

    I’ll be doing the CF 5/20/18-6/30/18. Do I need to bring a blanket or sleeping bag? Or will the albergues provide this? Thanks!
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    Meat and Vegetable Diet

    Yes, I can’t figure out how to delete the duplicate posts. I’m still getting the hang of this! How do I get a moderator to delete/combine posts? Thanks!
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    Meat and Vegetable Diet

    I try to eat a diet of Whole Foods consisting primarily of meat and vegetables, avoiding dairy and carbs. Will I be able to eat this type of diet on the CF? Thanks for any input!
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    Travel suggestions to start of CF

    You rock! Thanks for doing that and sharing!
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    Travel suggestions to start of CF

    Very Cool. Thank you! I’ll be flying from Seattle.
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    Travel suggestions to start of CF

    Thank you! I appreciate that! I’ll look into this and let you know if I have any questions... I want SIMPLE!
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    Travel suggestions to start of CF

    I plan to walk the CF starting in late May 2018. I’ll be flying from Seattle. Any advice on the best way to arrive at the starting point of the CF? Thanks!