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Recent content by Shades of Narnia

  1. Shades of Narnia

    I went for a walk in the "New" Cathedral today

    Thank you Ivar. Is the Cathedral now open for 'pray-ers'? I only noted people walking around.
  2. Shades of Narnia

    Comment by 'Shades of Narnia' in media 'Memorial to Civil War victims April 17, 2018'

    Thanks Marylynn....hoping you are well :) I just bought a Kindle version of The Lore of the Camino de Santiago & look forward to learning. fondly, sandi
  3. Shades of Narnia

    A Thought for those Now on the camino

    Psalms; my 'read' on Camino as well. I so looked forward to cherishing the Wisdom each night as I lay down to rest! Thank you for the reminder of the beauty of the Psalms.
  4. Shades of Narnia

    COVID Any North Americans flying to Spain?

    Thanks for your update Marylynn....hoping you are well. Fondest greetings - sandi, walking daily so that I can be 'ready' when the time comes.
  5. Shades of Narnia

    Walk and knit - Camino Frances

    I knitted during daily breaks while a Hospitalera at the Perocial Albergue in Viana, a few years ago...a 'skater's hat' which I gave to my fellow Hospitalera when we parted ways after our 2 weeks together. It gave me, and hopefully her, joy :)
  6. Shades of Narnia

    COVID Status of all Xunta albergues

    I wonder if one can subscribe. Seems like a good resource for future plans. Thank you.
  7. Shades of Narnia

    A Visigoth necropolis found near Grañón and the Camino

    Thank you, the video is great! fondly sandi
  8. Shades of Narnia

    Walking book

    Just ordered Kindle version. Thank you! Can't wait to get into it. fondly, sandi
  9. Shades of Narnia

    Accomodation along Via Jacobi (Switzerland) 2020

    i wonder if the Swiss would be open to tents along the Way
  10. Shades of Narnia

    A massive thanks to Ivar.

    Yes, thank you Ivar. I have appreciated your steady voice in these challenging, changing times. Fondly sandi
  11. Shades of Narnia

    COVID The Municipalities of the Way present their Protocol of Action for the Shelters of pilgrims to the Covid-19

    I hear your struggle, Rebekah. I know that, in life my regrets often have been when I moved too quickly. Wishing you strength for these times and courage. Shalom, sandi
  12. Shades of Narnia

    COVID The Municipalities of the Way present their Protocol of Action for the Shelters of pilgrims to the Covid-19

    Is there a way to somehow use google translate, for documents such as this?
  13. Shades of Narnia

    2018 Francis, San Salvador. (202?)

    2018 Francis, San Salvador. (202?)