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Silver Oxide Camino de Santiago pendent
Camino de Santiago pendant that has a shell on the front, and "Camino de Santiago" engraved on the back. Comes with a black cord. Pendent is slightly larger than a 50 euro cent coin, about 25mm.
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  1. shefollowsshells

    A layover in Canada , coming from the US

    Thank you to those who shared insight based on my question, you're the best! The knowledge on our forum never ceases to amaze me. TICKETS are purchased for a Le Puy and Norte or Le Puy and Frances starting the second week in August, five years to the day of our last Le Puy and Norte. I'm...
  2. shefollowsshells

    A slight change in the air?

    Peaking out from under abrock with Ivar's new announcement that seems to support those that want to dream of an upcoming Camino and that they won't get chastised and insulted from doing so. I agree we are a forum for pilgrimage not one to stand on a branch discuss pilgrimage and get picked to...
  3. shefollowsshells

    Camino de Costa Rica

    Conchita Espino can you share more information? Images maybe, who your guides were etc... This interest me, guides are not necessarily my thing but there might be some more stand offish than others, allowing you your space. Would love to know more! Thanks, Neve
  4. shefollowsshells

    Street Art- I'm about to have this beauty put on Canvas

    One of my favorites...from Lisbon! though others might enjoy, and would love to see your favorites!
  5. shefollowsshells

    The Tympanum in Conques- slightly comical, an education

    Recently I shared a thread about beautiful Conques and the monk playing the House of the Rising Sun on the organ. Conques gave us many memories, a monk offering us to sleep in the garden behind the monetary and bringing us leftovers of the dinner served. One of the best conversations in the...
  6. shefollowsshells

    Estrella Galicia witch tap- a little humor during Covid times

    Annie!!!! We would LOVE to see you again on a Camino my friend!!!! One of the highlights of my amino with kidlets was meeting you!!!! You wouldn't recognize them now, they're all growing up, and just this week I got cool "hand-me-downs" from my 14-year-old when her awesome Converse high tops...
  7. shefollowsshells

    Estrella Galicia witch tap- a little humor during Covid times

    I had shared the story on how I acquired an Estrella Galicia witch, I've never shared the story on how I got its partner with the witch hat (one day)... in the meantime, having six kids and their friends coming and going, at times I feel we need to censor her depending on the company. All three...
  8. shefollowsshells

    If you were to choose your Camino based on the food?

    Well I'm a foodie!!! I'd have to say hands down Le Puy if it is based on food only and IF money is no object. Beautiful artisan salads!!!!! If its based on company at the table Portugal.
  9. shefollowsshells

    A layover in Canada , coming from the US

    Thank you for this information! It was exactly what kind of information I sought.
  10. shefollowsshells

    A layover in Canada , coming from the US

    What an utterly nasty response, I’m not use to such hostility. I’m “ privileged” because I work at times 16 hour shifts back to back in a very busy Emergency Room. Your nastiness had NOTHING to do with proposed question, and extremely humored that you think you need to educate me about Covid...
  11. shefollowsshells

    A layover in Canada , coming from the US

    Thank you guys! Yes fully aware, sadly, we are not wanted or in the near future... just cancelled Portugal in March about a month ago... Flight is refundable but i think for voucher only, which is fine with us... just wondering if I have to be mindful of CANADA and FRANCE with such a flight:(...
  12. shefollowsshells

    A layover in Canada , coming from the US

    With vaccines behind me, I'm starting to think that maybe there is a chance for a Le Puy in August. Would love thoughts on that, realizing everything is "unknown"... A good flight is appearing , it takes me to Canada though (from the US), its the fastest and cheapest. Cheaper than some flights...
  13. shefollowsshells

    On this date in February...

    I didn’t know that was you!!! Wow what a small world!!! Ahhhh I think of that night and CLEAN SMELLING laundry. They took all of our clothes and washed them and our noses were in our laundry for days!!!
  14. shefollowsshells

    On this date in February...

    pitter patter of my heart, you know I love the RV!!!! and you had so much influence on that!!!... it is ALWAYS calling me!!!!