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Recent content by Silus

  1. Silus

    Where is the steep and lengthen rocky (pebbles) descent?

    Looking back up towards alto de Pedron.
  2. Silus

    Camino Yellow Arrow Pin and shipping to Australia

    We’re returning to aus 4 November and can get one for you and post in aus (Qld)
  3. Silus


    Dropped my picture of the “Camino angel”
  4. Silus


    Did anyone see these? Another periogrino told me her farther told her these were Camino angels. He told her that when she saw these they were him come to watch over her. I saw them a few times when times were tough. They never seemed to be in a hurry to move on, no matter how close I got.
  5. Silus


    Mum and 5 chicks. Loved this, reminds me of home.
  6. Silus


    Tricastella to sarria
  7. Silus

    Will I Be Disappointed?

  8. Silus

    Lost Pilgrims Pass

    So sorry, good luck!
  9. Silus

    Planning my first Camino in Sept 2019.

    Not much, exercise out = food and drink in.
  10. Silus

    Compostela ?

    If you’re going Padrón you can also get the Pedronia certificate. Look up the pilgrims certificate from Padrón thread.
  11. Silus

    Doing Camino with Family

    My wife and I took our son who turned 18 (day 3) while we were in Pamplona last year. For the first week or so there was another couple with a slightly younger daughter. Other than school groups and some very young children we saw one or two other parents with older children/young adults during...
  12. Silus

    What city do you arrive in after 2 weeks of walking from SJPdP?

    Meson del Cid View to the cathedral

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