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    4 days in (Burgos start)

    Well, two days on and it´s still really cold! I wish I had a proper sleeping bag as last night the albergue was really chilly, but at least it had blankets. Thanks for the replies! Sagalouts, the politest way to leave early is to be all ready and packed the night before so it is just a case of...
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    4 days in (Burgos start)

    After 4 days, I am tired, have almost died of hyperthermia, have had highs, and lows and pleasant and unpleasant surprises, but Iḿ enjoying it and ready for more. Day 1 - Villafria to Villabilla. Taxi to Villafria to satrt walking. Lovely warm afternoon and elated to be finally on the camino...
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    weather in july

    I have completed 4 stages since I arrived and the weather has been really really cold at night and in the morning until about 10. This morning was the coldest and at 7 am, walking through Revenga it was numbing. Even the Spanish have been noting the cold in the mornings, and now in Carrion, it...
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    weather in july

    tox, Thanks for the weather information. I was actually quite scared when I saw the temperature at 8 degrees at night in Burgos. I mean, that's freezing and would require a warm sleeping bag with more clothes than I had planned on taking. Yes, I'm in Hong Kong. Spending the weekends walking...
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    weather in july

    I'm starting from Burgos in a couple of weeks and have just looked at the weather on the weatherunderground site and have noticed that this week, the temperature will go up to a pleasant 35 degrees but down to 8 degrees at night. 8 degrees! That's freezing and almost the coldest, most bitter day...
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    Catching the right the right train at Paris CDG airport

    Re: CATCHING THE RIGHT TRAIN AT PARIS CDG AIRPORT I have looked into this and as I will be undertaking the same route in July. Air France coach 4 is the way to go - scroll down for full details:- http://www.bonjourlafrance.com/air-fran ... ce.htm#map
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    Bed Bugs

    Another reason to protect oneself with chemicals from these ghastly critters:- http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... dbugs.html
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    Unexpected hiking boot pain

    Thank you so much for the informative replies and excellent advice. This is such a great community. I have looked up the 'New Balance Trail' shoes and have found they have lots of outlets and availability in Hong Kong, so I will try these out tomorrow. They are also very economically priced too...
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    Unexpected hiking boot pain

    I recently bought a lovely pair of Berghaus Gore-tex Explorer hiking boots and thought they would be perfect for when I start the Camino in July. I thought I would try to start to wear them in by hiking for two days with a heavyish backpack including tent in the humid environment of Lantau...
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    Start from Roncesvalles or Pamplona?

    As well as a long journey to Spain like smileymadd, I have time constraints too!I have thought a lot about where to skip and obviously would love to do the whole route, but can't. So with 26 days walking time, I have chosen to start from Roncesvalles on 5 July and walk the first two stages to...
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    Albergue in Roncesvalles (revisited thread)

    Hi Smileymadd, I have a similar voyage and thought the same thing. I will be arriving in Roncesvalles for my first Camino on July 4 after a flight from Hong Kong to paris, then an overnight train journey to SJPDP followed by a taxi to Roncesvalles! I know I will be tired and jet-lagged and will...

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