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  1. simply B

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2021?

    So, I have always been envious of this thread while I was working. Now, after 53 weeks of retirement - - just TODAY - - I finally got a "day off" from my 'to-do' list. Went walking the Yakima River Canyon about 20 km NNE of Selah, WA. B
  2. simply B

    Experiences of ghosts, premonitions or presences?

    Never had experience of a ghost but not one of 4 CF's passed without each presenting a lot of premonitions and manifesting of presences. (Largely on the Meseta but the stages from Foncebadon through Astorga had their moments.) And this is from one who, by turn, possesses the imagination...
  3. simply B

    LIVE from the Camino First meal in Spain

    Great... just great, @Arn ! I never had much disposition to the sin of Envy... but, wow, the temptation is coming at me rather strongly just now. Buen Camino, B
  4. simply B

    No graffiti on it (mojone) yet...but I do keep the back gate closed.

    Excellent! And thanks for the education, Geoff - - this is a material that is new to me. B
  5. simply B

    No graffiti on it (mojone) yet...but I do keep the back gate closed.

    @peregrino_tom - My apologies for the late reply but this has been the most challenging gardening season that I have experienced in almost 40 years. I am scrambling most days with watering, harvest, and putting up what bounty I can get. And, yes, you are correct about those who have only...
  6. simply B

    No graffiti on it (mojone) yet...but I do keep the back gate closed.

    Like my first Camino, I did not WANT to to take time to make it but, somehow, circumstance dictated that I MUST. And, like any Camino, it has imperfections...and they have grown on me to the point that I find them charming. (YMMV) Specifications were from @t2andreo resource here...
  7. simply B

    Prayer Request for a Diseased Former Pilgrim

    Kathryn - My sincerest hopes for your complete recovery. You are on our home prayer list now. [Edit: I forgot to mention that I can remember two prayer requests to the Forum in recent years and they both seemed to work out okay, at least.] B
  8. simply B

    Galician Mojon (distance marker) Specifications...

    @t2andreo - Thank you for this! Emboldened with your data, I have begun the process of making one for our home using 1.5" extruded foam insulation. The design uses scrap cuttings for reinforcing the interior corners and I am slowly building up an in-fill of the cavity with expansion foam. (Too...
  9. simply B

    Collecting Compostela for Someone Else

    @t2andreo Tom - Your unvarnished delivery of the facts/rules as you know them...and allowance for the fact that perhaps you do not know them all despite extensive experience is wonderfully refreshing in this day and age. The coupling of knowledgeable authority with humility is really quite...
  10. simply B

    You can make your own 'Orujo de Hierbas'?!

    Not a distiller at the moment, @jpflavin1 though I have been in the past. (Still brew beer and mead though.) I got started toying around with this because a friend had distilled some of my excess still mead AND I came across the article in the OP. That first batch exhausted, I have turned to...
  11. simply B

    Should I ...?

    Van. It provides more optionality for quick getaways to avoid caregiver burnout. The Camino is going to be around later. B
  12. simply B

    You can make your own 'Orujo de Hierbas'?!

    So, owing to popular demand, I have made a few batches since the commencement of this thread. Which is weird, as many in my Camino experience have believed it better suited for use by arsonists or rocket fuel manufacturers. Anyhow, I was very happy with the authenticity of flavor of every batch...
  13. simply B

    If you are Passing through Paris - Montparnasse

    @Robo ! Taking a moment from yard chores to scan the Forum and see if I have anything to contribute. And, here is this post! A very enthusiastic "second" from a long-experienced sojourner in Paris. I only have experience of the [EDIT] "right-bank" establishment on Rue de Faubourg but it has...
  14. simply B

    Large meal at midday like Iberian Culture? Is it for you?

    In answer to the original question. "No!" I simply eat when I am genuinely hungry no matter where I am. ("Genuinely" I have to think about...sometimes thirst will mimic hunger. Maybe that is just me.) B
  15. simply B

    Do you carry an umbrella for the Camino?

    I have a broad-brimmed hat. I wear long sleeves and long trousers. (Were I to wear shorts I might be confused with a large grey heron...or egret.) Sunscreen for if I feel a burn coming on. Sunglasses in the event of a dazzling background from afternoon sun. Used typically (and rarely) in the...