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John Brierley Camino Frances Guide
This guide is one of the ones that has been around for over 15 years. Updated yearly. Please read the reviews.
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  1. Sinenomene

    LIVE from the Camino wow wow Geneve to Roncesvalles

    well, i just arrived in roncesvalles and have walked from geneva. i am an american and been having a superbueno time in france and learning beacoup francais. Its actually quite ridiculous. so many great people and good times and there are no words to say what it is. i have a journal i will...
  2. Sinenomene

    ALBERGUES/shipping containers

    this must be a joke, lets talk about ventilation. lets talk about the HEAT in a METAL box. Tell me, when its 30 degrees outside, what do you think the temperature will be inside? This looks like a good idea but it is impractical. Until someone actually sleeps in it and roasts the night...
  3. Sinenomene

    One Step Closer

    hi michael, yea, i know what you mean! i bought my tickets and at that moment (in retrospect) the camino began. All preparations take on a whole new twist at that point. buen camino!! chris
  4. Sinenomene

    women's underwear

    duofold duofold keeps the stink in. and damn it gets stinky. i practically have to throw away and duofold hiking tshirts away once im finished.. they never get destinked no matter what you do.. unless of course you burn them. chris
  5. Sinenomene

    Rain-poncho vs. rain-suit in september

    hi hi, dawn, she is saying her scale can weigh items up to 22 kilos, not a backpack weight, (quite a load!!! :shock: ) liv, im starting in geneva on august2nd. right around the corner.. just under two weeks. Its sweet how my friends know im leaving soon so they are all trying to cram in...
  6. Sinenomene

    Rain-poncho vs. rain-suit in september

    ahh gaiters, here is a link.;jsessionid ... !7005!8005 bah, just checked the link... in the top right corner do a search for gaiters. Gaiters are tough waterproof fabric that connect your boot to your leg.. They keep dirt and water out of your boot, keep your...
  7. Sinenomene

    Rain-poncho vs. rain-suit in september

    nice, ahh i see i see. yes the jacket is also good as it has a bit more insulation and both the emergency poncho or rainsuit will have waterproof/windproof.. but the jacket is better for use as the outer layer. hmm. well another option for the legs is to pick up a pair of gaiters. i had knee...
  8. Sinenomene

    Rain-poncho vs. rain-suit in september

    hey liv, how much does your rainsuit weigh? i love to use the very very cheap $1 "emergency" poncho. Its basically a trash bag cut and formed into a poncho. no pockets but as light as a garbage bag. I used one during a month long hike on the Long Trail in Vermont. The only times i actually...
  9. Sinenomene

    shoes and sleeping bag?

    hi there! correct, ive never been to europe before and it can be quite scary and exhilirating all at once. I love backpacking and have spent a good time sleeping outside. Is it possible? ive read some people camp out and im thinking it would be great for france to sleep out and then once i...
  10. Sinenomene

    Husky and Camino

    hi there, dakota is a cutie! before i blather on ill just say im an animal handler for a diggy day care and though im not animal pro ill just ask you some questions to think about. Karns, how is her prey drive? does she shoot off like a rocket at small quick creatures? We actually have to...
  11. Sinenomene

    shoes and sleeping bag?

    yea lelsie, i agree about the external frame packs, they can be quite excellent. i have an old old jansport external frame with the absolute crappiest suspension but its my baby. im actually trying to figure out how to reuse it but i think its met its end. Over in the eastern part of US most...
  12. Sinenomene

    Slightly different boots question

    yea, non goretex is the way to go. id say goretex is a complete and utter waste (in its current condition.) Goretex is really a marketing strategy. buyer goes to store and asks salesman what he needs, saleman says you need goretex. buyer buys goretex and blows some odd $ on a piece of crap...
  13. Sinenomene

    Information on routes in France and google the site without the www or the .com and have google translate it for you. works pretty good. ive got some more sites but these will be good. maybe think about the GR11 or GR10 they both go through the...
  14. Sinenomene

    shoes and sleeping bag?

    hi hi, I've heard good things about macpac. never actually seen one though, im from the states and its an aussie company and where im from they dont import them. 47 liters is big! you probably wont need all that space. what clothing are you taking? for 3 months im taking 1Xpants...
  15. Sinenomene

    shoes and sleeping bag?

    hey josh, yep, those salesfolk are downright demons! they always goto the most expensive thing first! if i ever had a outdoor shop i would purposefully stock crappy items to tell people that this is crap and dont get it! its much better to have a relationship to a customer over daily sales...