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  1. SooYunKim

    Elephant sello?

    WOW! Thanks!!! :^D
  2. SooYunKim

    Elephant sello?

    Does anyone have the elephant sello as same as one on the picture? If so, where did you get it? I tried to figure out location of the place for that sello but it's hard to read the hand writting. It looks like the place is somewhere between Molinaseca and O'cebreiro, though.
  3. SooYunKim

    Pokemon stops on the Camino?

    No, not at all! I was just overwhelmed by all the replies Like I said, I did not expect this many! It's such fun to watch all the thoughts going back and forth like ping pong. :^)
  4. SooYunKim

    Pokemon stops on the Camino?

    wow... some firery conversations. :eek: *intimidated* I expected to see a couple of threads with short answer either yes or no since I thought not many pilgrims are into Pokemon Go game. Of course there should be Pokemons and Pokemon stops in Spain. They probaby are everywhere in big cities...
  5. SooYunKim

    Pokemon stops on the Camino?

    Just out of curiousity, Are there Pokemons or Pokemon stops on the Camino?
  6. SooYunKim

    Buen Camino (2015) Subtitles

    E-mail sent.
  7. SooYunKim

    Buen Camino (2015) Subtitles

    Me, me, me, me! I'll take the Korean Translation!
  8. SooYunKim

    Comment by 'SooYunKim' in media 'Cirauqui - Cats, Coffee, Compeeds'

    Oh, I remember this place. There's a little tienda on left side of picture and a farmacia on right side of picture. :^)
  9. Statues of Holy Mother and Child in Pamplona

    Statues of Holy Mother and Child in Pamplona

    September 24th, 2014
  10. SooYunKim

    33 days(and 5 more days) in sandals

    It feels quite wonderful to hear all those kind words about how brave I've been.(It really does! ;)) Almost everyone on Camino walks with pain on their feet, ankles, knees or joints whether for a short period of time or all the way to Santiago. Each one has their own solution for their problem...
  11. Fromista, Oct.7th, 2014

    Fromista, Oct.7th, 2014

  12. SooYunKim

    33 days(and 5 more days) in sandals

    Mine was Teva Terra Fi Lite. Teva Terra Fi 4 looks much sturdier. I would hike in sandals if it's Griffith Park in Los Angeles or somewhere like that. But on Camino, there are so many stones on the road. (When the John Brierley guide book says "stiff downhill', that does not really mean...
  13. Atapuerca, Oct. 2nd, 2014

    Atapuerca, Oct. 2nd, 2014

    About 8 o'clock in the morning.
  14. SooYunKim

    33 days(and 5 more days) in sandals

    (This post is very long. You may want to hit 'BACK'. :D) Hola, everybody! I came back home from Camino on Nov. 2nd. It took me 33 days to get to Santiago. As some of you probably know already, blisters have been delaying my journey since day 1. I had to stop at every 40 or 50 mins to dry up...
  15. Pilgrims on UFO!

    Pilgrims on UFO!

    Street sign just outside of Irache. :^D

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