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  1. soozansings

    My last post

    It's been mostly lovely. Thanks to most of you for your kindness and understanding as I take the first steps of my first time out of the US to walk the Camino. If I've offended you by my aggravation at intolerance by those who have "been there, done that" and feel that snide remarks make the...
  2. soozansings

    holy cow, its my 8th time out, and I'm nervous...

    So, Damien. How's it going? Good weather, I hope?
  3. soozansings

    I CANNOT wait to leave!

    And I'm terrified and excited. It's gonna be awesome.
  4. soozansings

    I CANNOT wait to leave!

    I get the same thing walking in my town because we have a homeless mission and a women/ children mission close by where I live. The police officers slow down to make sure I'm ok,and when they understand what I'm getting ready to do they're interested in finding out about it.
  5. soozansings

    What's happening on the Camino?

    Wuh?? Didn't see that post but wuhhhhht?
  6. soozansings

    the privilege of being able to walk !!!!

    I've got the frozen shoulder thing going on in both shoulders. 6 months of physical therapy helped a little. The backpack actually improves the pain in my shoulders. Camino is already providing!
  7. soozansings

    Hospitaleros with unprofessional attitudes.

    Ok. Fine. I'll just say "hugs" to a pilgrim I have not yet met. Be well.
  8. soozansings

    Will they hate me?

    I have to laugh because having raised five baby girls, the art of silent movement in the dark comes naturally :)
  9. soozansings

    Live - Camino Francés The View From the Ditch, or How I Gained Euphoria

    Good to know...a panacea for all ailments! Gracias, amigo.
  10. soozansings

    Safety for women on the Camino

    If you do, practice with it first making sure to be upwind from it. Good luck and hope you have a good Walk.
  11. soozansings


    I would use it if it was made by Walmart Corp. I live in Florida, lots of humidity. I've seen generic ones save lives during heatstroke in Texas oilfields. I'm sold. But, to each their own.
  12. soozansings


    So agree! Mines like a wide long tube. I wet mine at about maybe 1:00 and is still chilly.
  13. soozansings


    My husband is the safety coordinator for his company and a lot of his crew work outdoors. The company supplies these workers with a cooling system you wet and wear around your neck. I got one today at Lowe's, followed the instructions and 45 minutes later it's still cold. Granted I'm not...
  14. soozansings

    'The Spanish Route' - A New Route from Sarria?

    Good ideas for a first-timer? Walking from Ponferrada.

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