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    How to stream the movie "The Way" in the US Try this link.
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    How to stream the movie "The Way" in the US Try this link.
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    Questions from a cell phone idiot

    Thank you! I now have my US number on the eSIM. I had to call Verizon and they sent me the QR code to scan. I really appreciate such a thorough response. It really helped get me started. I purchased a Orange Holiday SIM on Amazon and I will need to replace my original SIM with the European one...
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    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Getting COVID QR Code at CdG Airport

    Thanks for this info. When do you show the EU QR code? Do you need it since you have already arrived in Paris and apparently, went through customs. I'll be flying in to Paris and taking an Air France flight to Biarritz from Terminal 2F. I could easily get the QR code but I'm not sure if i would...
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    Questions from a cell phone idiot

    Thanks for posting the video. My iphone does have dual SIM support. The QR code - is that something that I would get in Spain (Orange/Vodafone)? Is it considered an eSIM? Can I set it up with data only and then use my existing phone number for calls and texts when I have wifi (WhatsApp)? I'll be...
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    High Speed Train

    Thank you all. I just booked my ticket on the Omio app. Sounds like I am on the same train as you, Vince.
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    High Speed Train

    I would like to take the high speed train from Santiago de Compostela to Madrid on June 9th. I think I found the website for the high speed train (Renfe), but I am not sure where to end up in in Madrid. I will be flying back to the US the next day so will stay somewhere near the airport that...
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    Starting Camino Frances May 1, 2022!

    I'm also starting out from SJPP on May 1st with my first night in Orisson. Hope we meet up somewhere along the way!

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