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Recent content by Sparrow in Texas

  1. Sparrow in Texas

    Pictures of the Aragonés 2019

    Thank you for sharing your excellent photos and bringing back special memories!
  2. Sparrow in Texas

    What was the thing you were most happy to lose on the Camino?

    As I planned to walk my first Camino in 2016 I became consumed with fear and uncertainty. What if I had a heart attach while crossing the Pyrenees? I invited my daughter to walk with me. She is a Wilderness First Responder and fluent in Spanish - the perfect traveling companion. Indeed her...
  3. Sparrow in Texas

    What food did you ENJOY on your Camino(s)?

    A special meal in Madrid at Botin. I was there the first time in 1961 with my parents. Favorite meal is gambas al aujillo with Albariño ending with manchego con membrillo. There is a bar in Compostela that has the best, with just the right amount of red pepper!
  4. Sparrow in Texas

    Training on a treadmill.

    Just a note, I do not go around picking up strange men. I lived across the street from my walking partner for ten years. He is a very respectable gentleman!
  5. Sparrow in Texas

    Training on a treadmill.

    Hello, I live in Texas where it is too hot in the summer and early fall for me to walk outside, I do not tolerate heat well. Two years in a row I have gone to my gym every day and claimed a treadmill to walk with my pack for an hour or two, using various speeds and inclines. Of course it does...
  6. Sparrow in Texas

    Recommendations on Language Courses?

    Hello pac1952 and anyone else, Two years ago at the bright young age of 65 I enrolled for two weeks in a Don Quijote course in Salamanca. Being stubbornly independent I stayed in a residencia. I was at the 1B level mainly because I am a lazy student, as someone once said, I was one of the unsung...
  7. Sparrow in Texas

    Got my first Covid-19 shot!

    Dear Camino friends, I am truly happy for those of you who have received your first or even second Covid shot. There are however, many, many others who for a variety of reasons beyond their control will have to wait weeks or even months longer to receive even the first shot. Please keep this...
  8. Sparrow in Texas

    Language on the Camino

    Some of the greatest kindnesses I have received and my most profound experiences while walking have been when I have used my at times mangled castellano to speak with "the locals", showing interest in them, admiring their villages, and marveling at their beautiful churches, architecture and the...
  9. Sparrow in Texas

    From the Aragones to the Alto de Perdon

    Greetings all, with many happy and encouraging wishes during this season!! I have two questions and hope that someone will have some ideas. Thank you for any responses! I hope to walk the Aragones again sometime, perhaps even this coming year. Rather than connecting to the Frances near...
  10. Sparrow in Texas

    Trail runners: Altra or Brooks, or Hoka????

    Priscilla, If you have not at least tried on the Timp 2.0 I suggest that you give it a try. I have worn both the Timp 1.0 and 1.5, size 7 on two Caminos and just last week bought a pair of 2.0 size 7, have worn them once already with back pack on natural path with some steep slippery elevation...
  11. Sparrow in Texas

    Funny Camino Stories, Experiences or Pictures

    I do speak reasonably good castellano, as someone once told me, "you conjugate the verbs". One day I was calling ahead to reserve a lower bunk in an albergue and really mangled my request badly, to which the man on the phone, in a perfectly lovely South African accent asked me, "Is your English...
  12. Sparrow in Texas

    What's your earliest Camino connection?

    My family lived in Torrejon, Spain from 1960 to 1963. We had a live in maid and Spanish was taught daily in our school so as a child I was fairly fluent in the language. Add fiifteen years, in university I was one of those "unsung heroes who made the upper half of the class possible". For...
  13. Sparrow in Texas

    Where is this bridge? Just a little fun.

    I apologize if I missed someone's post, I am going to make a correction to the identification of the location of Rappahannack's bridge, it is at Canfranc, not Canfranc Estacion two different places.
  14. Sparrow in Texas

    Who didn’t???

    For those walking the Aragones, The Pilgrin at the Pass photo, the number is meters elevation, higher than the elevation of the Napoleon route,
  15. Sparrow in Texas

    Explain your forum Avatar (name and picture).

    Looking back on post 72 I introduced my lovely Border collie Kate. Just one week later I had to put her down because of serious seizures. She was great fun to own, she knew a large basket full of toys each by name and could quickly find them wherever they were hidden in the house or yard. Kate...