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Recent content by spreadsheetdirtbags

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    Altra Lone Peaks, durability?

    I recently replied to someone else on this topic and they said my pictures were helpful: I have Lone Peak 4.0. When I did my Camino I had solomon's (which were toast by the end) but I am now a total Altra convert. I wore a pair of Altra's on a long-term hike where I hiked in them every day...
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    Wimpy Merino Shirts, Or Is It Just Me

    I wore a wool-based shirt for my entire Camino. It was a 'blend' (the Cool-LITE line from icebreaker) - so merino and 'plant fibers' (whatever that means) blend. I freaking loved this hoodie. I am so bummed it is no longer available, I would buy a bunch more to have a lifetime supply if I could...
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    Altra = Happy Feet?

    Hey! I have Lone Peak 4.0. When I did my Camino I had solomon's, but I am now a total Altra convert. I wore a pair of Altra's on a long-term hike where I hiked in them every day, average of 20km per day, in rough terrain (mountains, sharp shale, bushwhacking, etc - nothing like the camino) and I...
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    My 3.9kg Packing List (and opinions/thoughts on each item)

    Thanks for the feedback, this is very kind =)
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    Silk sleep liners vs Cheap liners?

    I used a non-silk option. I liked it! It has really nice skin feel. I also toss & turn a lot in my slip and did not have issues with 'tangling' up in it.
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    Packing recommendations please

    I actually wrote up every item I brought, including photos & links to everything. Located here. I am in North America (Western Canada now), and a lot of my gear was old so I couldn't find the exact thing available now. I tried to link the best thing I could find in each case. I had a raincoat...
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    Gaiters or waterproof socks

    Gaiters! I wish I had them to keep road dust out of my shoes! I use them on every hike I do now but did not have them then.
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    What to pack for my First Camino?

    I appreciate that you were VERY thorough in your posted list - including every single item, instead of just saying 'toiletries' or similar. It shows you are really thinking about each item! I did a similarly detailed list. I did not read every response you have here (wow, so many!), so I'm sure...
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    1st time camino franch in may

    Hey! I would say I'm minimalist (my pack was ~4kg), and I am female. I walked in Sept/Oct, so I'm not 100% sure the weather is similar in May, but Sept/Oct are cooler than summer so I was prepared for colder temperatures. My pack list is here. (detailed, with pictures and reasons why I brought...
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    It is, yup! The differentiation I was implying is that I often see '2 sets walking clothes' in addition to non-walking clothes (so 3 or more sets of clothes). I guess that wasn't clear.
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    Who has packed the lightest pack?

    Yay! I’m glad you found it useful! I spent a lot of time really thinking about this stuff, so it’s fun to blab about it every once in a while! Related to ‘starting from the extremes’ – I didn’t explain why I started from ‘bring nothing, walk naked’ instead of ‘bring everything’ – I did it this...
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    Hello! Potentially unpopular opinion here; I only brought one 'set' of walking clothes. I see a lot of people listing '2xwalking pants' and '2xwalking shirts' so I feel like I should weigh in with my experience. Obviously to each their own, you do you! Just wanting to plant the seed of an idea...
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    Who has packed the lightest pack?

    Hello friend and fellow Canadian! I think you have an excellent goal and I believe you will be able to do it! You have so many replies here to sort through for thoughts and advice. For my Camino, I developed a head-space around packing that I found very helpful. My pack landed at 3.9kg. I was...
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    Raincoat or poncho?

    I had a raincoat along, but I believe a poncho would have been sufficient. I walked Sept 6 - Oct 12 ish, and did the extension to the coast. I used my raincoat in Finisterre/Muxia in October as it was cold/wet there. I considered my raincoat as one of my 'warmth' layers, and brought a very...
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    Frame vs Frameless

    This was my 'pack setup' - I found it very comfortable. I elaborate in the 'pack' section on other options that may be more available, as the pack I used is an old model.