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    Poll Where do you come from?

    Hi ...well born in the "O sole Mio"☀ country (can you guess?) But living in London since a very very long time
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    New Schengen rules in 2021

    Hi all, Thank you for cheer me up, love your comments. With regard to regulations as someone well said, wait and see 😉
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    Why Do Adventure Snobs Hate The Camino De Santiago?

    Hi cbacino, Thank you for your eloquent explanation. In a way all of your journeys fulfill your own life journey!!! They all have a purpose..it is your own Camino.. Well, pilgrim or not I believe they do leave you with memories you treasure. And on my part, I wish you all the best in your...
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    Why Do Adventure Snobs Hate The Camino De Santiago?

    Hi cbacino I am glad that as a pilgrim I do not view the Camino as a race nor look at the difficulties as purely endurance test... I have respect for walkers that do tough trails, So curious though, if you had to compare how did each enrich or change your life?🤔
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    Why Do Adventure Snobs Hate The Camino De Santiago?

    Hi everyone, This thread has really got us talking!!! I had never walked long distance before 2015 I had no gear not experience I just lost my mum and it was so hard i cried every night. One evening looking for answers to heal my sorrow I opened a book I bought few months before " the 100 most...
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    The hands of Mocho, a symbol of friendship on the Camino.

    Yes I did not see it before!! Well I will certainly be on the look out this year... In my next Camino... Just deciding which one to follow this Time😉
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    The hands of Mocho, a symbol of friendship on the Camino.

    Hi , Not sure what it is as I have never seen one, Nor heard about before now. I am curious now, no one has any picture?
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    Death of a German pilgrim in Najera

    Hi , I am in tears ,and out of the blue ,after reading your words about the pilgrim that died. I never so emotional , but is near Christmas and I miss my parents more then before. Those words brings to mind the kindness we receive and how much we need to offer kindness.. I pray for her and...
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    Anniesantiago Via de la Plata

    I am glad someone is using this word . Godspeed us so awsome and full of meaning. Yes godspeed.
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    Plantar fasciitis

    Hi , So sorry to hear you have this affliction!!! Best thing to avoid is any flat and hard shoes and hard flooring. When I soffered from it I also found respite in wearing wedged cushioned shoes I would also use arnica gel often as it is antiinflammatory... So definitely cushioned arch...
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    If you want a Compostela - plan extra time

    Hi, Look forward to see what is going to be after my Camino next year...hopefully they will implement an improved system ...or I will just go with the flow😉
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    If you want a Compostela - plan extra time

    Hi a2andreo, Yes the concept is a bit like at the airport, split the queues in two , One speedy boarding style, the other classic Queue... Hummm.. Well there is something special In getting your Compostela, even waiting in the queue sharing comments with other.. But if the infrastructure is...
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    If you want a Compostela - plan extra time

    Hi an Hi, Thank you for your post as it is all about that, managing the afflux of pilgrim. Volunteers or not it has grown to a volume that needs looking into. It would complete a journey of body and soul, And if we have to queue, no one complains, I think. But you should be able to get it there...
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    If you want a Compostela - plan extra time

    Hi kanga, Just a thought, I wander if they have less volunteer to deal with the Compostela this year or they may have thought with the cathedral not performing the mass due to restoration, they Were expecting less pilgrims?? Last year as I arrived in Santiago,I went straight in the new place and...
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    Splitting up Portomarín to Palas de Rei

    Hi, I remember when I did it in sept 2015 I stopped at Ventas De Naron, a very small hamlet, with a very very old chapel. There were 2 albergue but not sure if they would be opened in November.🤔

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