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  1. Stephan the Painter

    Recommendation on what to do with slides

    Google offers 15 GB of free storage of whatever data you choose, photos or documents. They will also store an unlimited number of photos, but they’ll reduce the file size. All free. But you have to choose what you want. 15 GB or unlimited with reduce file size. And of course, as you point out...
  2. Stephan the Painter

    Recommendation on what to do with slides

    It’s going to be a lot of work, or expensive. Probably the first thing you want to do is cull the slides to the ones that you find important. Probably not every image is something you care about. If I was doing this I would assume a minimum of 5 to 10 minutes per slide including editing the...
  3. Stephan the Painter

    Live - Via de la Plata Currently Walking VDLP - Daily Updates

    I wonder what happened? No updates since the beginning of July. Something about an injured foot? Hope you’re doing OK @John192!
  4. Stephan the Painter

    Flights - Carry on Rucksack

    Whenever I’m traveling, and I know I have to check luggage, I always make sure that I pack the most difficult and expensive things to replace as carry on. For instance, toilet articles and most clothing is actually quite easy to replace anywhere. But specialized equipment, often for me art...
  5. Stephan the Painter

    When they finish the restoration of this cathedral, it will look amazing!

    Looks wonderful. Is the goal to repair or bring it back close to the original? And which original? For an old building, you might have many centuries to choose from. Does anybody know of any links discussing the details of the restoration goals?
  6. Stephan the Painter

    Rucksack Alternative

    This link works: https://newatlas.com/outdoors/monowalker-fatmate-towable-backpack/ This link says it's at fundraising stages. They expect it to retail for 1000 Euros. It seems like a lot of money for one wheel and some metal. It doesn't even seem to have brakes, which you need on these things...
  7. Stephan the Painter

    Video A collection of Camino videos

    Terrific resource. A few of those I have watched, but most I’m not familiar with. i’m sure I’ll get some enjoyable viewing. It might be nice to add this to resources, as well, So it doesn’t disappear into the sea of posts.
  8. Stephan the Painter

    COVID Medical Insurance while traveling in Spain

    No, they can’t just decide not to cover you. It is whatever was the situation the day you purchased the insurance. Of course they can’t just change it later. You have a contract. The only way that insurance gets changed is if there’s some sort of travel advisory issued by your country. Another...
  9. Stephan the Painter

    COVID Medical Insurance while traveling in Spain

    This is the information I got for US insurance. And it sounds like maybe the Canadian insurance companies are pretty much saying the same thing? As long as there’s an advisory from your government against traveling somewhere they don’t cover it. So if your government tells you not to go to...
  10. Stephan the Painter

    Sentiero dei Parchi 'Italy's Camino de Santiago inspired route' ?

    Has anybody here ever done an walking on the Sentiero Italia?
  11. Stephan the Painter

    COVID Three-minute video guide: what to do at albergues

    That’s my assessment. And honestly, I can’t imagine what amount of social distancing would work if you were sleeping in the same room with someone who was a spreader.... But I applaud the work and thought of the people who are trying to save the this years Camino.
  12. Stephan the Painter

    Camino Statues - Still Searching

    A very interesting video. I think what they don’t make clear though, is that there’s hundreds if not thousands of hours involved in scanning these things and creating a file that can actually print something. But, I imagine that will become quicker as the years go by and the technology improves.
  13. Stephan the Painter

    Sentiero dei Parchi 'Italy's Camino de Santiago inspired route' ?

    Here’s a little more information on the “Sentiero dei parchi,” or Italian park Trail. A new 85 stage Italian route under development. Based on an existing7000 km. network of trails that run the length of Italy. It doesn’t sound like this is particularly a Camino like trail, but what I found most...
  14. Stephan the Painter

    Sentiero dei Parchi 'Italy's Camino de Santiago inspired route' ?

    Probably you already researched this information yourself, But just in case, I poked around with the help of translation software. Most of this trail seems to exist already. And they say it’s actually 400 stages! 7000 km! What they’re talking about here is that they added funding to it so the...
  15. Stephan the Painter

    alas, poor Murillo!

    I’ve worked in art restoration. And had some minor training, Although normally I’m working in collaboration with a trained art conservator. There is some regulation in Europe and perhaps other countries, but in the United States there is absolutely no licensing for art conservation. Anybody can...

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