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Recent content by Stephen Nicholls

  1. Stephen Nicholls

    How many Km\day?

    Greetings, peregrino! Lisbon to Santa Iria, 10 kms. Santa Iria to Vila Franca de Xira, 17 kms. Vila Franca to Azambuja 18 kms [and that incuded a lift!!!] Check our my photos for that stage at: https://photos.app.goo.gl/BF26V2QWGhrqQsW49 My diary is on my web site...
  2. Stephen Nicholls

    Minor Glitch Hopefully - Asking for Prayers

    My thoughts and prayers are with you, Annie. It sounds as if all may be OK ..... and what loving support you've had from the forum! Bless you, my dear peregrina! S xx
  3. Stephen Nicholls

    My ethical dilemma regarding a compostela

    So ...... did you get your well deserved credential, TimR? We're all desperate to know!! Steve
  4. Stephen Nicholls

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2019

    I'm getting a bit too old for daily long distance walking! However, I try to walk between 2 and 4 miles [5 kms] each day, locally, in the forest. I love the autumnal colours. Here are two photos I took on a walk last week: Yes - that IS white frost on the ground! And finally an Acer tree...
  5. Stephen Nicholls

    Shoe question

    I always use velcro walking boots. Check out: https://www.amazon.co.uk/hiking-walking-velcro-trekking-trainers/dp/B073QVS6NZ
  6. Stephen Nicholls

    Tips on walking less traveled caminos

    I think Laurie has said it all! However, for me, I loved the Camino de l'Ebro: I don't recall meeting any other peregrinos from the Mediterranean coast, to Logrono. But the scenery was beautiful, and the peace had to be experienced. I posted a few pictures: have a look at Pilgrimage V on my web...
  7. Stephen Nicholls

    Taking water on the coastal Portuguese Camino

    I agree with scruffy! Walked the Coastal Camino last year with a dear friend, and we had no problems finding water. Just took a 1/2 Litre bottle, and topped it up from time to time. Plenty of small villages to walk through. I'd rate the camino maybe 7/10. Here's a link to the bit we did: Here is...
  8. Stephen Nicholls

    Camino Baix Maestrat from Vinaros (Mediterranean)?

    Well, Laurie, as far as I can see at the moment, I will start in Vinaros and the route should be ..... Vinaros 12.3 kms Calig 11.5 kms Cervera 10.8 kms San Mateu 10.4 kms Anroig 7.8 kms Vallivana I may well only walk those distances each day - 6 to 7 miles is fine for...
  9. Stephen Nicholls

    Camino Baix Maestrat from Vinaros (Mediterranean)?

    Only 5 months to go to next April! Am walking short distances [VERY short!] every day to keep my legs working :)
  10. Stephen Nicholls

    When did a Refugio become an Albergue?

    About 5 euros, I think ;)
  11. Stephen Nicholls


    On my first camino, I didn't "cheat". Then on my 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th 6th and 7th caminos I thought to myself ... "In medieval times, if a pilgrim was offered a lift on the back of local farmer's cart, would he have said "No!"??? So ever since then I have taken a bus whenever the need arose. So...
  12. Stephen Nicholls

    LIVE from the Camino From the Ebro to the Duero and on to Santo Domingo de Silos

    I've enjoyed reading these entries so much: the Ebro was my favourite of all my caminos. Bless each one of you ... and all peregrinos on the route today.
  13. Stephen Nicholls

    My ethical dilemma regarding a compostela

    Well, I think this subject has now become silly. If the camino path signs are on the left of the road and I walk on the right, does that mean I can't claim a compostella?!? Nowhere does anything say you have to walk the exact path - indeed, local communities often MOVE the path from time to...
  14. Stephen Nicholls

    LIVE from the Camino Unfinished business on the Ebro

    Hi Jeff! I started in Vinaros on the Delta, where the river meets the Mediterranean. Check out Pilgrimage V on my web site https://snicholl5.wixsite.com/home-site/santiago. Buen camino!
  15. Stephen Nicholls

    Camino Baix Maestrat from Vinaros (Mediterranean)?

    I've no wish for this particular forum to hibernate! Almost two months since the last entry, so may I ask once more if anyone reading this has actually walked this short camino? My plan now is for a possible walk on it next April. But I would like to hear from anyone who has walked it, and who...

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