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    From your bedroom window

    Some lovely views Heres mine not so lovely but the Magnolia lasts but a few days a year .
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    Pilgrims office of SJPP is closed

    Vaya con dios pilgrims
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    Want to Help? Then send me your stories!

    I had been lost for many years i had no faith other then a belief that most people if given the choice would do the right thing . I work in the criminal defence service i see a lot of terrible things and try to rationalise behaviour that would appall most right minded people. I had been dreaming...
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    Good Luck, everyone!

    Viya con dios Bob
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    Spain at 22.00 (10pm) last night...

    Thanks for sharing Ivar in the darkest times i am reminded why i love Spain and the Camino . I watched this and cried. It reminds me of the v best in human nature my best wishes to all pilgrims wherever you are be safe and may we all have the chance to wish each other Buen camino
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    Suggestions needed for Plan B walk in the UK

    Hi Pelerine Im in the north of the UK so the cumbrian way is fairly close its a route that ive run on a few times its very scenic so its a thought.its not the Camino though, sadly .Also the Lake district has all those Lakes for a reason , i was doing Via de la Plata Seville to salamanca this...
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    Suggestions needed for Plan B walk in the UK

    Cumbrian way? Might see u on there as both my caminos now cancelled good luck and be safe wherever you walk
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    2020 Camino a "To be" or "Not to be"? - and "Why?"

    Im due to fly into. seville the 19th of April for 10 days on the via de la plata. Then a month later to Bilbao for 10 days on the Norte. My Wife suffers a lung condition that puts her in the vulnerable category i would not be able to forgive myself if my Camino addiction put her at risk ...
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    Camino Frances April-May 2020

    If you see any other pilgrims at the train station you can get a discount if you all buy your tickets together i think for 4 of us it worked out at 3 euros cheaper result
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    One Albergue that you’d recommend

    Trinidad de arre just before pamplona if for no other reason then for the lovely Hospitalero lovely man . My current favourite
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    Live - Via de la Plata Annie live from the VDLP

    Buen camino Annie great to hear you are on the way, good luck keep everyone posted .
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    Disparaging "The Way"

    I think some of us (as camino addicts ,otherwise how would we have found ourselves on the forum )are in danger of blaming all our perceived views about overcrowding upon the one commercially not very successful film. Personally i loved it . It was i know made with there own money and was best...
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    Sarria to Santiago de Compostella

    Janejanie Dont be disappointed or downheartened go and enjoy the Camino is an adventure you will have as much solitude or company as you desire . You will not be shunned or thought less of because you walked from Sarria you have made a decision to fly to a foreign country and commit to what...
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    Poll Do I absolutely need sunglasses for the Camino Frances in June?

    Absolutely wear sunglasses the harm that can be caused by the sun even in moderate climates is worrying i always carry sunglasses and i am a weight obsessive id rather have my sunglasses then gloves. Please be careful even when using a hat but then im fair skinned and have very light sensitive...
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    Foldable hiking poles in carry-on baggage

    Ive taken them in my bag as carry on both flying into and out of Spain but im always anxious as to whether they will be accepted . I am always prepared to have to go back and check them in if needs be . Looking back on this post not sure thatt helps, sorry

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