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    Is this a sign?

    This Post resonates with lots of people because by its very nature the Camino will appeal to those who seek adventure or a meaning to something in or perceived to be lacking from their lives. My own experience on the Camino for what its worth was very simple ,i set off too quickly in too much of...
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    What's the craziest thing you have done to save weight?

    I once cut a toothbrush in half to save weight i thought iwas v clever until i saw another chap at a sink in a albergue he' d done the same but then drilled holes in it to make it even lighter !
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    Pilgrim drowns in Ourense

    May St James Give peace to this pilgrim and comfort to his poor family.
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    Dreaming seriously now. Pls help.

    Done the napoleon route twice only because the weather the first time was so incredible early sept could see forever ! I went back a year later and did again highly reccomended if you are sensible .good luck Buen camino
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    Sick in Sarria

    My sympathy goes out to you and your Mum the worry of looking after an older parent particuarly in a foriegn country must be very trying for you. Its not over, l remember that on one of my caminos i found myself with tendonitis a condition id never had before or since it forced me to sit staring...
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    back pack choice

    Couldnt agree more with earlier posts if it fits you and you forget your wearing it thats the one . Only problem will be when you come to replace it they probably wont be making it by then . I by chance purchased a golite race pack for no other reason then it was v light and in the sale used it...
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    Norwegian pilgrim soon on his way for the first time

    Couldnt agree more with all those words of wisdom . On my camino i was dashing along when i passed a pilgrim sat ,simply looking and taking it all in and i realised i was simply making miles if there is one thing i regret is the time ive simply made miles . Enjoy buen camino
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    The good, the bad and the great news :-)

    Havent obtained such peace and contentment from my own camino , ive always thought that the long hours of contemplation and the simple act of putting one foot in front of the other and leaving the rest of our usual worries to sort themselves out would be very therapeutic i think your idea is a...
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    Pre-Camino Syndrome

    Pre camino excitement is perfectly natural . I spent 3 years in moments of boredom at work reading and memorising the cicerone guide to the french way . Ive just decided to return to the via de la plata in jan 2018 and already my child like excitement in the joy of planning is keeping me awake...

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