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  1. stratophile

    Albergue in Asseiceira?

    It's located at the entrance to the village, on the right. Here's the coordinates: 39.522041, -8.403720.
  2. stratophile

    Apps for Camino Portuguese

    The red and white logo sounds like Wise Pilgrim. Good luck with your planning.
  3. stratophile

    Can someone please enlighten me?

    Wikipedia says it's a 'Water protection area': https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Segnaletica_stradale_in_Svizzera
  4. stratophile

    Via Eurasia

    My guess is it goes to Demre due to the excellent Myra ruins there (ancient Lycian city). It's a notable stop on the Lycian Way long-distance trail in that region. Demre itself doesn't really have much of interest, other than the Church of Saint Nicholas (yes, the Santa Clause St Nick according...
  5. stratophile

    Slovenian Mountain Trail

    May is excellent on the SMT. That is when I did it. Wonderful trail! As has been noted above, though, this is definitely a rugged *hiking* trail, not a Camino-style path. There were a few sections I skipped due to being more challenging than I wanted at the time (my body definitely isn't what it...
  6. stratophile

    Camino Frances vs Camino Portugues Last 100K.

    The Variante Espiritual is very nice and definitely worth the extra day of walking in my opinion.
  7. stratophile

    Camino Frances vs Camino Portugues Last 100K.

    Yes, though there are many more options these days on the Portugués than there used to be. Starting at Tui (117 km from Santiago), you can now walk the Portugués with most days being under 12 km if desired, with the longest being 17 km (the first day). There are lots more stage break options...
  8. stratophile

    Alberga Milladoiro

    My understanding is yes, they are open (all year other than a couple of weeks). I suggest checking with them via Facebook / email (or give them a call) just to make sure, though. They were open last week. Here's their contact details: ddress: Rúa Buxo s/n 15895 O Milladoiro, A Coruña, Spain...
  9. stratophile

    Albergue Picotaa

    I agree. The new variant is supposed to be attractive, though. I'll try to walk it next spring to check it out.
  10. stratophile

    Albergue Picotaa

    The marked path branches from the hamlet of Vilar do Castro, where the main Camino path turns sharply to the right. This is shortly after the hamlet of A Gueima, which is a bit after Santa Mariña. I saw the markings recently at the turnoff but I haven't followed it myself yet.
  11. stratophile

    Albergue near Porto airport?

    Agreed! I always enjoy the walk up the coast.
  12. stratophile

    Albergue near Porto airport?

    Note: Matosinhos is on the Senda Litoral. The OP plans to walk the Central, so it won't be the same place in this case. It would add a day to the itinerary. Taking the metro further though, to Vila do Conde, should keep to the itinerary (depending on planned stage breaks).
  13. stratophile

    Albergue near Porto airport?

    There are many options without having to cancel flights or suffer from time stress. Porto is an amazing city. If you've never visited it, in my opinion it is worth arranging to spend a day exploring it. If your flights are fixed, one option might be to spend the evening of your arrival day...
  14. stratophile

    Albergue near Porto airport?

    Welcome to the forums! The AirPorto Hostel is right by the airport (few minutes walk) and is pretty good: AirPorto Hostel Address: Rua da Estrada, 244 4470-600 Moreira da Maia, Porto, Portugal Phone: +351 229 427 397 Email: airportohostel@gmail.com Website: www.airportohostel.com/...
  15. stratophile

    Suggested stages??

    Pasted below is one possibility that you could tweak to suit your personal walking speed. This particular 11-stage itinerary is mostly leisurely, though there are a couple of longer days. Unless you are a very fast walker, I don't think you'd have time to include Variante Espiritual in your...

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