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    Field (and mountain) report from Portugues Interior - June 2018

    My walking companion spoke Portugues so he called the municipalituies then. Locals are very helpful and warm so I think you'll manage there. More people speak English in Portugal then in Spain, maybe that'll help. I'd make a short list of phrases in Portuguese that'll help you to explain that...
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    Coastal Portugués Camino in March this year....

    All the municipal albergues will be open on the coastal, we did it last Jan and found the infrastructure was good there even out of season. We also stayed in aprivate one, that was a strategical end of the stage thing, so was open as well. A lot of private accommodation is also available on the...
  3. surya8

    Camino Portugués (Coastal)

    March is traditionally a rainy season in Portugal, not that it will stay that way considering climate change now but most likely you'll benefit from some rain gear, at least a jacket/poncho. Waterproof trousers are tricky as most pilgrims tend to sweat in them a lot. Make sure your walking...
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    Starting in Lisbon

    I walked in late Oct, the trip was spontaneous, so I didn't have time to plan and recearch so packed some unnecessary clothes thinking it's almost winter there :) That was mostly summer there though, I wish I had taken shorts! Mostly sunny, some occasional rains ranging from light drizzles a...
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    Starting in Lisbon

    I walked between Lisbon and Porto out of season, in late Oct, and even then all the infrastructure was there. Anyway, most people start in Porto as it's shorter, not many have 3+ weeks to walk the whole way. The best resources for the Portuguese way:
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    Caminho Interior Português in 2020

    I walked CPI in June 2018, we started in Viseu and made it to Santiago in 16 days without much effort. Wish there were longer stages available as some felt too short for me, for me the mountains felt not that streghnious there. These are our stages from Chaves, possible to walk in 9 days for...
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    Which Camino for 14 days in March?

    I walked the Lisbon to Porto section at the end of the season, in late Oct, also after having walked the Porto to Santiago one - just to finish the route. Or so I thought at the time not knowing about other different Caminos in Portugal. Anyway, the stretch from Lisbon to Porto has a different...
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    Coastal Route in Winter

    Hm, we had a totally different experience there last year. When we walked there in Jan 2019 all the albergues were open on the Espiritual, at least the municipal ones where we stayed, and they were of excellent quality. The one in Vilanova de Arousa was definitely year-around, it had a very...
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    Slippery When Wet? Trail runners on Portuguese tiled walkways

    I walked 2 Caminos in the same trail runners in Portugal, in total 900+km, in June and January. Had plenty of rain and some torrential downpours in them. These are the budget Calenji KeepRun ones from Decathlon that I bought in Porto just 1 day before starting the Camino. So didn't have a try...
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    Should I stay or should I go now? Which way is the best in January?

    I walked the Coastal from Porto + Variante Espiritual in Jan last year. Enjoyed it a lot! Will be walking in winter again if there is a chance! The route is popular, the infrastructure is very good after Porto, all or most of the albergues are open, and even out of season there will be people on...
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    New info (I think) about the caminhos south of Lisbon

    There is accommodation on the route there, so no need to carry a tent, it's not really a hike through the wilderness, it just depends if you are flexible with the distances. For those who like/are limited by walking 10-15 km/day that might be slightly problematic as some stages could be longer...
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    New info (I think) about the caminhos south of Lisbon

    One of my Portuguese friends has just walked this Camino, or the combo of Caminos to be precise. He started from Tavira at the begining of Dec 2019, taking so called Camino Nascente first following the Spanish border, then through Beja, Evora, Castello Branco, Guarda, Braganca. From there he...
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    Coastal Route in Winter

    I'd already walked the Central from Porto as my first Camino, also walked between Lisbon and Porto on the Central and Portugues Interior from Viseu, so that time walking the Coastal seemed like a logical thing :) All of them were quite different and memorable in their own ways. So listen to your...
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    Variante Espiritual OR Caldas de Reis

    I've walked both, and liked both :) Caldas: stayed there on my first Camino, had an ankle injury so I did appreciate soaking my feet in the hot springs for a short while - that's the free option, anything else is extra as far as I remember. Anyway, in terms of hot springs and atmosphere my...
  15. surya8

    Coastal Route in Winter

    I walked the Coastal + Variante Espiritual in Jan this year. Enjoyed it a lot! Will be walking in winter again if there is a chance! The route is popular, the infrastructure is good after Porto, the albergues are open, and even out of season there will be people on the way. Some of the places...

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