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Recent content by Susan Detlefsen

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    This is a very Negative Post. A Vent.

    I hear you on this one. I feel I have to overcompensate sometimes for the entitled "ugly" American image we've earned.( I assume these wee YS citizens breaking machines?)
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    LIVE from the Camino Was I conned or what?

    Some French pilgrims is gotten to know loaned me 20€ in Tubaies, where credit cards are not accepted and there are nobancos automatic is. I caught up with them two days later in pontevedra to repay them. Camino banking!
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    Leaving from Vilar de Pinheiro tomorrow morning.

    Leaving from Vilar de Pinheiro tomorrow morning.
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    Map of Camino Portugues

    Hi Peter that would be great! Your hotel is close to the cathedral. I arrive tomorrow. I'll stop by and pick it up! Susan Detlefsen. Muchas gracias y buen Camino!
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    Map of Camino Portugues

    Does anyone know if the cathedral or the albuergue in Porto sell maps? My phone battery keeps going dead and I'm afraid without my google maps as a back up I could have difficulty staton on the path. Thanks pilgrims! Susan
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    walking from Porto to Santiago this sept

    Here is my tentative route: September 15 circa 9 am: leave Porto So Cool Hostel, stop by Porto albuergue, walk to metro stop nearest albuergue, ride metro to Vilar de Pinheiro, follow my map to catch wiki locks trail, end first day at Vairao albuergue. September 16: Vairao to Rates or Bartelos...
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    walking from Porto to Santiago this sept

    I'm leaving Porto also on the 15th, via Vairao. Sorry I'm not very Irish, though I spent time there this simmer. Love Ireland!
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    walking from Porto to Santiago this sept

    If you are in Maia following the caminho is more logical to walk to Vairão and Vilarinho up to São Pedro de Rates instead of going west to Matosinhos and the coast:confused: unless you want to follow the coastal all the time northwards. In Vairão which is 14 km from Maia is an excellent albergue...
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    walking from Porto to Santiago this sept

    Thank you! This is quite helpful. I found the route from metro stop Vilar de Pinheiro to where this route takes off towards Vairao, about 1.2 km. If anyone is leaving from Porto September 15, please join me if you like. To avoid car and bus pollution, I'm leaving from the Porto albuergue about 8...
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    walking from Porto to Santiago this sept

    Does anyone know, are there more specific walking maps at the albuergue S? I don't want to carry another map with me. I have my google maps but that will drain my battery if I have to use it all day. I'm sleeper ire about staying on the path.
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    Tango request on Camino Portugues September 15 start

    I'll be taking my time Nadia. You'll surely catch up with me before the Spanish border, for a mini tango! Buen Camino!
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    walking from Porto to Santiago this sept

    Hi Mauve I'm leaving on the 25yh and plan to avoid city traffic by taking metro from near Porto cathedrale to Vilar de Pinheiro, and walking from there. Plan to spend first night in Vairao. Yeah I'm also concerned about losing the trail..
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    Tango request on Camino Portugues September 15 start

    Any other Argentine tango dancers on the Camino mid September? Want to tango a few meters here and there? Maybe do a cool tango photo? Lead or follow.
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    Coastal route or inland route from Porto?

    Hi Lisa when are you planning to leave Lisbon? I plan to leave Porto September 15 by the main route, which I understand is the inland route. Susan D