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Recent content by Susan Maria

  1. Susan Maria

    LIVE from the Camino My October Camino Frances

    Interesting! It doesn't work if under the chin. Thanks for this which I will use when planning my Camino.
  2. Susan Maria

    Bakery in Los Arcos ...Warning.

    I'm reading this sitting in a well-known chain store cafe in Sheffield, Northern England. I definitely ordered a medium latte but it cost more than I was expecting and seems to be a large one. But hey, I'm obviously a southerner. Tourist prices?
  3. Susan Maria

    Your favorite camino hat!

    Is this why it's called a bucket hat? Thanks
  4. Susan Maria

    Your favorite camino hat!

    Tilley Airflo has many votes here, thanks everyone, I also am looking for a hat for hot weather. My problem is that as soon as I put on a hat - any hat - my head overheats, which contributes to my tendency for dehydration and near-sunstroke. I've been quite sick a few times after a hot day's...
  5. Susan Maria

    Which hat looks better?

    Sounds like I'm in the minority but I prefer B on you. However, could you get a new one in a slightly larger size? Plus, packable, drenchable, etc I was just about to post my own hat question when I saw this entertaining thread, thanks everyone!
  6. Susan Maria

    News Related to the Future of Credencials

    I wonder if there will will be a download function that allows you to print a credenciale from all the data collected when safely home?
  7. Susan Maria

    Spontaneous Camino

    I'm following a Belgian on Youtube who is walking from Le Puy. He's posting a video every day, he's done 27 days and he is at Espalais. He had a tent, but after a week he realised he didn't need it and sent it home in a box. He's found a campsite was closed while there is no problem finding gite...
  8. Susan Maria

    Spontaneous Camino

    Good luck with your new endeavour! I hope it helps you and I hop you enjoy it. The French countryside is awesome. Especially that first section from le Puy. Bon chemin.
  9. Susan Maria

    FREE Kindle copies of TWO BOOKS :)

    Paul I really enjoyed 'Ego trip...' and will be writing a review on amazon. It will feature words such as.' Funny, irish, cynical...colourful descriptions of the landscape...spiritual journey ' Well done.
  10. Susan Maria

    FREE Kindle copies of TWO BOOKS :)

    Thanks Paul. I missed your offer but happy to spend a little on "Ego". Good luck.
  11. Susan Maria

    Request for funds from Le Puy Cathedral and video

    @Kathar1na @Camino Chrissy Apologies to you both - title and post now corrected.
  12. Susan Maria

    Request for funds from Le Puy Cathedral and video

    The cathedral at le Puy has released a video where they explain (in French) they are sorely in need of funds, having missed the usual 40,000 euros from pilgrims during lockdown. If you would like to donate please do; or just watch the video and think of le chemin...
  13. Susan Maria

    The new Miam Miam Dodo books can be pre-ordered now

    An email arrived today telling me that the 2020 books can be ordered now for delivery mid-December. See here: http://www.levieuxcrayon.com/guide-randonnee-miam-miam-dodo Google translate helpfully offers "Yum Yum Dodo" as the translated title :) good try Google! I love these books so much I'm...
  14. Susan Maria

    Win £200 for the best tip about European pilgrimage routes (UK residents only)

    Not at all a way of filling a newspaper rather cheaply without actually travelling?
  15. Susan Maria

    Arrived in Le Puy and need a tip

    Yes, get someone to tell you what all the little icons mean, write them in English in the key. Best guide book ever.