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    Re: Constipation!!!!!!!!! two easy things 1. Drink 1.5 - 2 glasses of water when you arise.. wait about 30 minutes & don't try to do too much moving around until it works it's magic, sounds crazy and is a lot of water but in about 15 - 30 minutes you will have luck. Not only that, it...
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    New York Times article on Hape Kerkeling

    Even if it the reasons for walking the Camino (ie popular book) look superficial, the Camino will do it's work Try not to be too judgmental (not always so easy) Any reason to convene with your spirit is a good reason Buen camino!
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    What's your blog address?

    I want to thank all of you who have put up your blogs wow, what a log of reading, but I am thoroughly enjoying reading them. I can relate completely to The Savini's Pilgrimage to Santiago, as I walked it with my daughter 5 years ago, and had so many of the same feelings walking it with her...
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    What's your blog address? thanks Ivan for putting it up
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    light sleeper

    aye aye aye! to tell the truth, I didn't need it as we always found good accomodation when we needed an alternative and I didn't realize it was three years old. however, it still may be useful to someone when we were in sjpd, the pilgrim office gave us a list also that had both albergues and...
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    light sleeper

    Re: light sleeper - a link to list of alternative accomodations Here's a link to a list of hostals/hotels etc that I had saved from somewhere before my walk and put up on my blog for reference while walking. It's a pf and you can just save a copy ...
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    List your pilgrim blog URL Here - we want to read your story

    Hi everyone, I have been searching the site, but haven't been able to find a topic that just has listings of people's pilgrim blogs (all in one place) How about sending replies here with your blog URL here so we can all easily find and read each other's Camino stories? Mine is...
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    After hiking footwear?

    Having just finished the walk, what happened to me was blisters on both of my little toes about 3 days before Logrono. I had a stretchy light tennis shoe type shoe to wear, but they hurt the blisters and also, I had nothing to wear for relief in walking when I knew I could go further but my...
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    Just Finished Walking,

    The manhole covers are another story. My daughter and I walked the Camino 5 years ago and about half way through we realized we had been stopping and reading/looking at all the water, gas & manhole covers and started taking photos of them. As you know, you look down a lot when you are...
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    Just Finished Walking,

    I just finished walking the Camino Frances about 10 days ago, it was my second time, I am 57 years old, and walked with my friend Pat who turned 70 on the trip. It was full of just about anything you could conjure up in your imagination about what walking for about 40 days would do to one. It...
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    Hostel in Bayonne or Biarritz?

    Re: Hotel Paris Madrid....Hostel in Bayonne is there a phone number or website for hotel paris madrid in Bayonne?
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    Looking for reasonably priced, nice hostal/hotel in San Seba

    Hi, looks like we may stay our first night in San Sebastian. Can any of you recommend a reasonably priced hostal? thanks!
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    Weather alerts

    Re: Weather alerts --any updates for SJPD/Roncesvalles? Hi, we're leaving around the 12-13th& wondered if anyone is out there that can tell us what it's like this week in that area (today's the 4th of April) Suzanne
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    Water Intake

    It's been suggested to me to drink a half to liter of water in the am right after you get up to get you started. (I do this every day) A great side effect beside hydrating you, is that it will make you regular - you will really be surprised at how great this works. It seems like a lot of water...
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    Re: Compeed/Plasters what do you mean when you say 'plaster'? can you explain - it's not a word we use here